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You can now use Zapier in combo with Ungapped

Which means you have more than 750 apps at the power of your fingertips. Yes, you read that right. 750 apps! If you’re an Ungapped user then you’ve probably already…

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Ungapped Free Download

Download your free email campaign planner

If you’re looking to kickstart the year by planning your upcoming email campaigns better, then you’ve come to the right place. Following the success of the email campaign planner that…

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Email Bloopers

Top Email Marketing Fails

In the world of email marketing the mistakes and bloopers happen all the time. Emails campaigns being sent out without copy checking, missing links, merge tags not working and whole…

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Ungapped Newsletters

Newsletters are the new source of News

With the a concerning amount of fake news spreading across our social media platforms, there is a growing trend searching for other avenues to find news which is relevant and…

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Black Friday Shopping

Our Top 5 picks for Black Friday Emails

Black Friday is all about sales, promotions and giving your customer a great deal along with an exceptional customer experience. It’s also traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year…

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Top 5 Questions to ask in a Customer survey

“Surveys can be the most dangerous research tool. If you write bad survey questions you get bad data at scale with no chance of recovery.” – Erika Hall When it…

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Wow Surveys with Ungapped

Timing is everything : When to send a Customer Survey

To get the most out of any survey, timing is everything. Now I am not talking about the time of day or when in the week to send the survey.…

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women on mobile phone

[Infographic] 104 Facts you didn’t know about Mobile Marketing

The first public mobile phone was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola on April 4, 1973. It was a hefty weight of 1.15kg, 10 inches long and could only be…

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[PODCAST] Why doesn’t my email subject line work?

If you’ve ever been puzzled as to why one email subject line works over another then this 20 minute podcast is for you. In this podcast, the LiveIntent hosts are…

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How to create a calendar download for mailings & surveys

If your business hosts regular events then providing a calendar download for your guests is a must-have element to your signup form, invites, reminder mailings or all of the above. In…

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5 easy survey mistakes that are probably hurting your response rate

Creating a survey is an excellent way for you to collect data about your customers. However you might be making some easy survey mistakes that can hurt your overall response rate. Great…

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The biggest marketing trends 2017 will bring to your business

With our breakfast seminar set to run mid-week, we thought we’d take a look at the topic we’ll be covering and share some of the latest opinions on the topic.…

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How your small biz can give the Amazon experience these holidays

In an infographic recently published on Marketingprofs, Signal unwraps the 2016 holiday shopper. We decided to take a closer look at the data, using it to highlight how your small biz can…

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The impact of bad customer experience on your business

It’s cornerstone knowledge that good customer service is crucial in keeping a business alive and well. But apart from lost customers, what other impact does a bad customer experience have on…

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Get a complete view of your customer journey in 5 easy steps

The most challenging part of a marketer’s job is grasping customer data in a way that allows them to properly review, synthesize and make meaningful future strategies. In fact, just under half of us…

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Using emojis in subject lines – is it smart or stupid?

Over the summer some really interesting research came out about the effectiveness of emojis. Now for someone that ❤️ using emojis 👈, 👉 and center, I’m all for learning more about…

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