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marketing videos you should send in newsletters

2 kinds of marketing videos you should send in newsletters

You know that video is a powerful communication tool but perhaps you’re wondering how you can use video in newsletters to better drive sales with new and old customers. In this post I’ll be walking through two types of marketing videos you should send in newsletters, giving an outline of ways to use them and who…

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Spotify: A lesson in exceptional customer experience

I don’t know if you noticed but last week Spotify was down and all hell broke loose on the internet. Some people were experiencing difficulties logging in and others (like yours truly) simply couldn’t find a connection. So, like many other users I jumped onto Twitter to check when it was expected to be up…

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how to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

How to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

This week we have founder and CEO of Hiver, Niraj Ranjan as our guest blogger. Having worked exclusively with Gmail for over 5 years, Niraj shares with us his knowledge of what makes an irresistible call-to-action and how you can start creating them for your own mailing campaigns.  A powerful call-to-action can tempt even some of…

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discounting in the digital age

Discounting in the digital age [INFOGRAPHIC]

Discounting is a fantastic strategy to increase revenue from current customers but also from new prospects. But it’s not enough to simply launch an offer and cross your fingers for good results – it takes continuous work. Check out the infographic below to learn how today’s retailers are using digital discounting.     This awesome…

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create responsive emails

42% of marketers don’t create responsive emails

Are you one of them? Last year in their State of Marketing report, Salesforce collected data that showed 42% of marketers rarely or never create responsive emails. As a fellow marketer, I’ll be honest in saying my response was not dissimilar to this: via GIPHY   Why was I so dumbfounded? Well, mostly because creating responsive emails is…

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download your free checklist and get started with text message marketing

Getting started with text message marketing [Checklist]

Using text messages is a great way to create a sense of exclusivity, provide top-notch customer service or send sensitive information directly to your customers. If you haven’t started using text messages as part of your marketing or customer experience then guess what? You’re in the right place! We’ve created a checklist to help you…

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the power of double opt-in

The power of double opt-in for emails

And why it’s important to make people say yes twice. What is double opt-in? Double opt-in is a process that makes people confirm a subscription twice: once by signing up for a subscription and second through a confirmation mailing. For example: Someone comes to your website or blog and finds that you have monthly newsletters.…

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get more event signups infographic

Get more event signups with these 6 steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting more people to your events doesn’t need to be a scary or daunting process. In fact, it can be done if you follow six simple steps which we’ve outline in the infographic below. Check it out: You can also download this as a template that you can use when creating signup forms, mailings and…

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what makes an effective email campaign?

Effective email campaigns: what do they look like?

At last month’s breakfast seminar, we hosted the first Ungapped Sessions; a series that gives away a free campaign to one lucky guest. In December the lucky winner was Svenska Mäklarhuset (SMH), one of Sweden’s leading real estate agencies. Since the seminar, we’ve received a lot of thanks and appreciation for running a seminar that tackles what…

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crafting an email subject line that sells

Crafting an email subject line that sells

It’s the final week of 2015 – boy did that go fast! In terms of marketing campaigns, this week means it’s time for two things; It’s time to start planning 2016 It’s time to reflect on 2015 Now for me, that not only means taking a look at our marketing performance as a whole but also…

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global dam announces results of study

[INFOGRAPHIC] Data driven marketing increasingly shaping business strategies

Earlier in the year, Global DMA launched a benchmark study into global marketing trends and investments seeking valuable insights from nearly 3000 marketers across 17 countries all over the world. The results are now in. The study reveals that data driven marketing is increasingly shaping business strategies, putting marketing departments at the center of corporate growth. If…

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10 Great Examples of Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mailings

Looking for some inspiration as you start to ramp up your sales efforts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Then look no further as you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 10 great examples of Black Friday and Cyber Monday mailings with easy-to-adapt designs that you can apply to your own email marketing. Guess…

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Lessons email marketers can learn from print marketers

Lessons email marketers can learn from print marketing

If you’re a digital marketer like me, it’s likely that you don’t really work with too much print marketing. Our day-to-day tends to revolve around blogging, social media, perhaps some paid advertising like adwords and of course email marketing. It’s not so common for us to work with print marketing like magazine or newspaper spreads.…

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When something goes wrong, should we send an apology mailing?

When something goes wrong, should we send an apology mailing?

If email was as prominent in 1997 as it is now, the whole “we were on a break” thing between Ross and Rachel might have played out very differently… Wistful Friends pondering aside, it’s a good question business owners and marketers should be asking themselves: if something goes wrong with our customer experience, should we…

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design tips for email newsletters

Design Tips for Email Newsletters – Part Two

This post is a sequel to an earlier post. Haven’t read that one yet? Read Design Tips for Email Newsletters – Part One here.   6. Use a background image with care Using a background image in a mailing can be really visually appealing and a powerful way to connect with your reader. However, you still need…

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