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How does email list segmentation affect engagement?

For many marketers, a lot of time is spent on email list segmentation. It could be creating cohorts based on geographical location, job title or even shoe size – whatever it is, we spend a lot of time perfecting these segments for email purposes. But does it make any difference? For those of you collecting contact…

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2017 prediction: The top 10 e-commerce shopping days

Mark these in your calendars and planners right now. After a hectic shopping period over the last few months, new data is out showing just how much consumers spent over the holiday season. Up 12% compared to the previous year, desktop holiday sales surpassed a whopping 63 billion dollars (USD). But not all holidays are created equal.…

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Black Friday email trends: it’s all about the gif in 2016

Black Friday is coming up at the end of next week and companies are gearing up for a busy shopping day. This year, we’ve been keeping tabs on what is going to be the design trend for Black Friday emails. What we can see from our hours of pinning over on Pinterest research is that yes, this year is all…

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Using emojis in subject lines – is it smart or stupid?

Over the summer some really interesting research came out about the effectiveness of emojis. Now for someone that ❤️ using emojis 👈, 👉 and center, I’m all for learning more about what other 👥 think of this new 🎨-form.   Where’s the data coming from? The study was published a couple of months ago in July…

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7 best practices for marketing to millennials

7 best practices for marketing to millennials

In this infographic the “typical millennial” is outlined for us, including his or her persona, media usage, spending habits, and best practices. It’s the best practices that I think are most useful to you and are things you’ll be able to adopt into your email, survey and text message strategies right away. Firstly, check out the…

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marketing videos you should send in newsletters

2 kinds of marketing videos you should send in newsletters

You know that video is a powerful communication tool but perhaps you’re wondering how you can use video in newsletters to better drive sales with new and old customers. In this post I’ll be walking through two types of marketing videos you should send in newsletters, giving an outline of ways to use them and who…

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12 things to check before sending

12 things to check before you send a newsletter

Before you send a newsletter, take the time to check these 12 things so that you don’t waste time repairing shortcuts later on. It’s worth the 2 min read.   Check that you’ve used a subject line and pre-header I know it sounds like a bit of a rookie mistake but nonetheless it’s important to double check…

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create responsive emails

42% of marketers don’t create responsive emails

Are you one of them? Last year in their State of Marketing report, Salesforce collected data that showed 42% of marketers rarely or never create responsive emails. As a fellow marketer, I’ll be honest in saying my response was not dissimilar to this: via GIPHY   Why was I so dumbfounded? Well, mostly because creating responsive emails is…

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how to seek customer feedback

How to seek customer feedback with surveys

What’s the best way to seek customer feedback through surveys? Is it creating the right questions? Is it choosing the right audience? Is it offering rewards for participation? Well the answer is actually a little bit of each. Let’s walk through the basics.   Make sure your survey is targeted When people are writing up…

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the power of double opt-in

The power of double opt-in for emails

And why it’s important to make people say yes twice. What is double opt-in? Double opt-in is a process that makes people confirm a subscription twice: once by signing up for a subscription and second through a confirmation mailing. For example: Someone comes to your website or blog and finds that you have monthly newsletters.…

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for more email conversions, build better landing pages

For more email conversions, build better landing pages

I often hear people saying “People have no attention span anymore”. Well I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. And nobody explains why this is a fallacy better than Jerry Seinfeld himself.     And this principle holds true for those you try to engage with through your mailing campaigns. If you can entertain, you will continue…

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Lessons email marketers can learn from print marketers

Lessons email marketers can learn from print marketing

If you’re a digital marketer like me, it’s likely that you don’t really work with too much print marketing. Our day-to-day tends to revolve around blogging, social media, perhaps some paid advertising like adwords and of course email marketing. It’s not so common for us to work with print marketing like magazine or newspaper spreads.…

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MD_EN_BLOG_JULY 2015_photo-1434989407504-46a53b1b8a6d

TUTORIAL: 11 must-have elements for your next email campaign

Are you starting to use email marketing for your business? Or are you a well-seasoned emailer looking to make some improvements here and there? Either way, nice work on wanting to improve! It’s a great but important step when you’re growing your business. And regardless of your current email marketing efforts, you’re going to be…

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