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Email marketing named most effective (and easiest) lead gen tactic

With new methods for lead generation popping up left, right and center it’s no surprise that marketers are constantly trying to stay atop of methods that best meet their business needs…

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The 6 best email tactics to take your business sky-high

The question has no doubt crossed your mind: What email tactics should you be using? This recent study reveals the 6 best email tactics from 300 marketers.   Where’s the…

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how to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

How to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

This week we have founder and CEO of Hiver, Niraj Ranjan as our guest blogger. Having worked exclusively with Gmail for over 5 years, Niraj shares with us his knowledge of…

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How to make an amazing LinkedIn profile

Since most companies are linking to their social media profiles within their email campaigns, it does you good if the profile you’re sending them to looks and reads amazing. This…

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Your Ultimate Social Media Help Sheet

Most of us that work with email and survey marketing also tend to work directly with or close to social media. The problem with managing or contributing to social media in…

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how to make campaigns awesome

How to make campaigns awesome [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last week we hosted the first of our Ungapped Sessions  – a breakfast seminar series where we ask people to submit a brief for the chance to score a free…

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Cheatsheet: Using Email Marketing to Build Your Brand

Is email marketing really that effective in building a brand? We answer with a resounding ‘yes’! And if you’re looking to do just that, we’ve gone ahead and made quick…

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Email Strategy for Small Business: What You Need to Know

Whether you have started a small business recently or have been running one (or more) for years, you’ll no doubt know that having an emailing strategy is a must-have. But…

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