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Ungapped Free Download

Download your free email campaign planner

If you’re looking to kickstart the year by planning your upcoming email campaigns better, then you’ve come to the right place. Following the success of the email campaign planner that we gave away for free last September, we’ve gone ahead and made a new one for Q1 of 2018. We’ve even included the important key…

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Email Bloopers

Top Email Marketing Fails

In the world of email marketing the mistakes and bloopers happen all the time. Emails campaigns being sent out without copy checking, missing links, merge tags not working and whole other range of great blunders. It’s frustrating to both the email marketer and customers however it is a sobering memory that we are all human…

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Black Friday Shopping

Our Top 5 picks for Black Friday Emails

Black Friday is all about sales, promotions and giving your customer a great deal along with an exceptional customer experience. It’s also traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year online and in-store. Falling on the calendar the weekend after Thanksgiving this year Black Friday occurs on the 24th November. Consumers are looking out for…

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The Basics of Agile Marketing

So you want to be more agile? It sounds good right, there are a lot of statistics which say that going agile will increase your productivity and output from your marketing team.  Being agile is more than just launching a campaign and then tweaking it along the way (this for some may feel like being…

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Why you shouldn’t use Multiple ESPs (Email Service Providers)

It may seem like a great idea to use multiple email service providers all together such as Ungapped, MailChimp & SendGrid for various business activities.  You may even feel that it is improving your business processes or it poses no issues at all. In the short term if you are testing out various systems it…

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Email Guidelines

7 Email Marketing Guidelines

So you use email as part of your marketing mix, how well do you know the guidelines when it comes to email marketing? Yes, there are guidelines however unlike platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram it is not so strictly policed. However if you do happen to slip up you will notice it in your…

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How to Build and Maintain Your Email Lists

Do you have a business idea or just getting started in the email marketing arena? One of the very first things you will need to do is build your email list. It’s the main way to reach out to your audience that you can control, and your direct contact with them, as we say in…

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Clean your email list

Four Ways to Keep Your Email Lists Healthy

Let’s face it no matter how great you are at building your email lists, over time there will always be a percentage of emails that can cause you some issues which can lead to some pretty nasty surprises for your email campaign analytics. Managing and maintaining your email lists will help you lower your bounce…

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women on mobile phone

[Infographic] 104 Facts you didn’t know about Mobile Marketing

The first public mobile phone was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola on April 4, 1973. It was a hefty weight of 1.15kg, 10 inches long and could only be used for 20 minutes before the battery died. Since then the world of mobile phones has drastically changed. Our phones are now ‘smart’ and have…

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Make your Image work for you

Let Your Images Work for You

Images are all around us, in emails, social media, on billboards, webpages, books, everywhere. They bring out an emotion within each of us, and each of these feels these differently. When it comes to email marketing, images can be very powerful when used right, and can reduce your engagement when not, so how can you…

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Marketing Lifeguard

3 Email Marketing Traps to Avoid

Email marketing is not rocket science, but like anything, you may stumble into a few traps. This increases drastically, especially when you have last minute deadlines or too many things on your plate, a few basic checks can be forgotten which could hurt your brand and email campaigns more than you realise. Here are three easy tips on…

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Expectations of Email Marketing and Summer Engagement

Achieving any kind of successful email marketing and summer engagement is difficult. But it’s made even tougher during the summer when most of the population in Sweden, Denmark and Norway take vacation in July and August. Suddenly we find that our readership and engagement statistics drop. But does that mean all is lost? How can we…

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[VIDEO] Campaign building: from newsletters to conversion

In this seminar recording we go through some different approaches to campaign building – everything from creating templates right through to measuring conversions. This seminar is designed for Ungapped users and those who are interested in seeing how Ungapped can help take their email marketing to the next level. To watch the video, click through on…

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Features of the best email marketing platforms

Best email marketing platforms: what features should you look for?

We all want to be the best at what we do don’t we? No matter what we are working with or how big our business is, it’s always satisfying to know that we are the best at what we do. But in order to be the best we have to use the best tools to help…

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how to measure the success of an email

How to measure the success of an email

I don’t know about you but whenever I send a mailing to our current and potential customers, I get this mad rush of adrenaline. No? Just me? Ok so maybe it’s a little nerdy but I’m ok with that. I’m excited to share news, events and updates with our users. I’m excited for the new…

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