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Your Free Email Campaign Planner

Running behind with your quarter three campaign planning? No stress, it’s never too late to start planning, and with our easy to use Quarter Three email campaign planner it will make it easier for you.

Following our success earlier in the year with the planner we bring you the quarter three planner with the quarter four planner coming in a few months.  In the campaign planner you will find key dates and holidays from Australia, Canada, UK, US & The Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)

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What’s included in the email campaign planner

This email campaign planner is made for those starting out with email marketing or newsletters AND also for those who are a more experienced in email marketing and want an easy template to get things going.

The planner has been designed for you to use it in a way that best meets your needs. We provide the template and you fill in your plan for each month. It’s all in excel making it easier to use, edit and share.  There is plenty space for you to fill in your own ideas, notes and schedules.

Q3 Email Campaign Planner

A snapshot of the email campaign planner, simple and easy to use.


We have split the planner month by month from July to September with important dates and holidays marked clearly by country (and in some cases, by state or region). This will give you a great overview of what’s coming up, so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly. Happy Planning!


Download the email campaign planner now

So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start planning and if we can make it easier then it’s even better! Download your planner and get started.

By Aniel Bhaga |
Head of Growth at Ungapped. Responsible for all things marketing and social media related. An avid networker, Aniel is especially fond of bringing people together over food, shaking it out on the dance floor and experiencing all that life has to offer. Follow him on socials with @anielbhaga.