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Google Analytics tracking


If you use Google Analytics (GA) on your website you can also enable GA tracking in your mailings. Enabling GA tracking means that you for example can track how many visitors are driven to your website from newsletters, how long they stayed on your website as well as their conversion paths.

Google Analytics tracking

  • Open your mailing draft
  • Click Settings to the right (1)
  • Tick the box labelled Track links with Google Analytics (2)
  • By default the campaign name will be the same as the subject line, but you can easily change the campaign name to something else. (3)

Technical info

This is the info we add to ALL the links in your email (also those links leading to other web sites):


The data will be available on your GA account approximately 24 hours after the email is sent out.

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Go to Acquisition/Campaigns/All campaigns

This is where you'll find your GA-report.

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