Meet the Team behind Ungapped

Meet the team

Ungapped has proudly evolved from a small Swedish email service provider (ESP) to a global customer experience and marketing platform.

We’re proud to offer an integrated platform that allows people to create exceptional customer experiences from day one.

Oscar Uribe

Oscar Uribe

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

With a background in IT architecture and web strategy, Oscar’s biggest strength is that not only is he a savvy leader for our team but he is also the talented mind responsible for building Ungapped from scratch. He also decides when we have ice-cream breaks, which is pretty great too.

Christer Shipley

Christer Shipley

Chief of Operations / Head of Sales

The kind of person that makes things happen, for both our customers and our team. He is a quick thinker that can very quickly (and accurately) decide the best course of action. Christer is also a great conversationalist – which is why you’ll never think you’re chatting to a salesman.

Aniel Bhaga

Aniel Bhaga

Head of Growth

The Australian with unlimited energy, Aniel is the person behind all our social media and marketing activities spreading the word out about Ungapped. He loves events and people and if you are at an event where Ungapped is, you will most probably find him there too. He is also one of our resident bbq chefs.

Oscar Jonsson

Oscar Jonsson

Head of Design and UX

Notice how great this page looks? And how easy it is to use our platform? That’s all thanks to Oscar. He takes the ideas we have, listening to our good ones, ignoring our bad ones and brings them together in a way that looks, feels and works beautifully.

Javier Rueda

Javier Rueda

Head of Development

Resident Spaniard Javier heads up all dev tasks for our platform and make sure it’s running smooth every day. He also has the very serious role of curating our office playlist, queuing only the best Spanish and French folk music to brighten even the darkest of Stockholm days.

Daniel Rydén

Daniel Rydén

Lead Developer

Stefan De Geer

System Developer

Stefan joined our team as a fresh-eyed intern and has stuck with us ever since. His problem solving skills and coding excellence makes him a great asset to the team. Plus, he always has a hilarious YouTube clip up his sleeve for whenever the situation permits.

Zandra Preston

Zandra Preston

Head of Customer Experience

You’ll find it hard to come across another person on Earth that knows our platform and our users as much as Zandra. She’s kind of like your customer service warrior and always speaks in the best interest of users.

Doris the dog


Head of Security

Our lovable furry friend that patrols the office for cuddles making sure we’re all working. She lets us know when someone strange is at the door or when there are birds outside.

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Our mission

We want to bridge the gap between marketing and sales to create truly exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

The future

When we built Ungapped, we set out to bring together what we knew about the DIY email marketing industry and what we could see our users needed when growing a business.

We knew our users needed tools for email campaigns, newsletters, invitations, signup forms, surveys and text messages (SMS), and not just as individual services but in one single easy-to-use platform. So we built it.

It’s this philosophy of combining expertise and listening to what users really want that continues to drive us forward as leaders and a better alternative to messy, single-solution apps.

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