100% Swedish cloud service

If you want to ensure that your information is collected, stored and used according to current EU regulations, our cloud service is the absolute safest option. All data that we collect is stored on servers in Sweden (Stockholm).


No US cloud services

Companies covered by the Privacy Shield such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft cannot ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred to cloud services in the United States. Schrems II has been declared invalid according to a judgment in the EU.


Own PUB Agreements

We always draw up a PUB agreement as soon as we collaborate with a subcontractor where we need to share personal data. We do this to bind the subcontractor to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

“We present Ungapped as an onboarding technology when the customer requires Swedish data storage”

The company Whippy tailors onboarding journeys through mail and SMS to employees and hiring managers to ensure they receive the right information at the right time during the first year.

Paulin Larsen Berglöf och Emma Lindgren

Paulin Larsen Berglöf and Emma Lindgren

For some customers, we use Ungapped during the preboarding phase (i.e., from contract writing up to the first day). Still, we see great potential also to be able to deliver onboarding and post-boarding via the tool, says Emma Lindgren, Whippy.

Emma Lindgren and her colleague Paulin Larsen Berglöf run the onboarding company Whippy. They help employers ensure a good start for new employees and hiring managers – from contract writing throughout the first year. Their model is Onboarding-as-a-Service, which means that they take a holistic approach to an organization’s onboarding – from needs analysis and process to content production, measurement, and technical administration. They tailor the content based on the client’s needs and goals but always lean on their own Whippy process, which is rooted in international research on what a new employee and their manager need to be productive, loyal, and motivated during the first critical period. According to Whippy, the most important thing to secure in order to retain employees is the image of expectations, the leadership, and the development plan – something that was also recently confirmed in a McKinsey-rapport.

According to Paulin, onboarding still needs to be explored – although more and more studies show the benefits of working structured with onboarding and the risks an employer takes if it does not invest in the introduction. These conditions have meant that much of the past year has been about educating the target group – from measuring and evaluating onboarding processes to ensuring operational benefits to which platforms best meet customer needs.

According to Whippy, it has several technology partners. It chooses a platform based on the customer’s needs and conditions, and according to Emma, Whippy came into contact with Ungapped because they had a customer who requested that data be stored in Sweden.

– Since I have a background in the communications industry, I saw several advantages in using a communications tool for what many consider an HR process. To a large extent, we can personalize the content, and we experience the platform as intuitive. Not least, the collaboration with Ungapped has worked very well.

Ungapped must meet the requirements of GDPR/Schrems, and in cases where we have received specific requests about data storage in Sweden, Ungapped has been a unique partner.

Emma, how important is it that Ungapped can quickly make customized integrations against your customers’ different systems?
Integration becomes an essential parameter for customers who annually onboard many employees. Both to ensure the safe transfer of personal data, as well as to save time in the form of manual handover for the HR person who is to administer.

How well does Ungapped meet the functionality requirements for pre-boarding employees automation on Whippy?

Ungapped was not initially built as an onboarding tool, but an introductory trip is a communication process. We see how the platform makes it possible to work more market-oriented around HR than many other pure onboarding techniques on the market. Here I am thinking, among other things, of the level of personalization for role-adapted onboarding experiences.

Whippy continuously measures and has developed its standard measurement of pre-, on- and post-boarding in the market.

Organizations that have taken support of Whippy’s onboarding process have:
• 91% of new hires deliver above their manager’s expectations
three months into the role
• 90% of new employees feel that they have developed strongly professionally
since it started the day
• 94% of new hires have received strong support from their manager
and a Buddy during the introduction
• Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) is on
48 months three and 54 months six

A report from Wise Consulting (in Swedish) recently showed that pre-, on- and off-boarding are the HR processes that most people plan to digitize, but where the lack of system support is also most significant.

Several companies choose Ungapped for their Swedish cloud service

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