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Manual for surveys & signup forms


Surveys are used to gather personal information or feedback from your contacts for things like event signups, satisfaction surveys or course evaluations.

Can’t I include a survey directly in a mailing?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. A mailing that contains survey elements will end up either in the recipient’s junk folder or will not be delivered at all since the code behind a survey is considered malicious by most email clients (Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook etc). To make sure your survey has the best chance of being delivered to your recipients, you must always link to your survey via a mailing, text message or posts on social media and websites.

A survey’s status

A survey can have one of four statuses: Draft, Active, Scheduled or Ended.

  • Draft is a survey you are still editing. It has not been published yet.
  • Active is a published survey. Responses received from an active survey can be seen in survey statistics.
  • Scheduled is a survey that will be published at a later day and time that you have specified.
  • Ended is a survey with an expired publication date. It can no longer be answered and responses can be seen in survey statistics.


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