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Experience smoother, more customizable and efficient use of your digital tools with the help of these powerful add-on services.

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Powerful add-on services are your key to customizing and enhancing the functions of your favorite tools. Here are Our Featured Favorite Addons!

The AI Assistant

You can find the AI assistant in the email tool, the survey tool and the event tool. The AI Assistant is based on Chat GPT and is a help function for creating text content. You can ask the AI assistant to suggest a subject line for your email. Your text can be altered several times, e.g. first fix typos and grammar, then translate the text into the desired language, then extend the text and finally change the tone of the text so it becomes more selling. Read more about the AI Assistant and see how the function works.

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Spelling and grammar
Media Monitor

Ungapped Media Monitor

Through our media monitoring service, you can stay on top of essential topics related to your brand, your industry and your competitors. By tracking specific keywords and taking advantage of AI features, you gain valuable insight into the current discussions in the media world.

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BankID, Google Authentication, Digital signature

BankID, Google Authentication and digital signing are all technologies used to increase security and authentication in various online activities. BankID is used to verify identity in banking and other services, Google Authentication improves security through one-time codes, and digital signature guarantees the authenticity and integrity of digital documents and messages.

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Tillägg Autentisering, Bank ID och digital signering
ADD On SMS Dialog

SMS Dialog

SMS dialogue is a form of text-based conversation used to communicate. This type of dialogue can be useful for quick and direct communication, especially when voice or video calls are not possible or practical.

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Integrations and API

Optimize your time by easily integrating Ungapped with your favorite apps, business systems and e-commerce platforms. With powerful integrations, you and your team can create an improved customer experience with efficient and seamless processes.

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ADD On Integrationer + API

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