Release time and resources

With automated flows, you save entire working days rather than minutes – time that can be spent on strategic work and development.


Better results with less work

Our automation solutions are based on input from hundreds of customers and guarantee better quality than manual, repetitive work.


Personalized – but automatic

Reach out with your message! Build communication flows that take into account the recipient’s preferences, behavior and activities.

Different types of marketing automation

Date and schedule

Build schematic flows and intelligent reminders. Create greater relevance for the recipient.

  • Anniversaire (birthday, became a customer a year ago)
  • Deadline (your membership expires in 3 months)
  • Reminders (you have an appointment tomorrow)

Behavior and profile

Communicate with your recipients based on their behavior. Build scoring models that take into account how the user behaves and adapt the communication.

  • Different email series based on purchasing behavior
  • Run special promotions for returning customers
  • Identify signals and act

Activity and events

Create feeds based on your users’ activities (or lack of activities).

  • Abandoned cart/browsing
  • Upsell on purchase
  • Identify signals and act


Create flows that are triggered by and use the content of your website, e-commerce or other systems. Tell us about new content and new products regularly.

  • Article subscriptions
  • Monitoring email
  • Blog role

We have automated the processes for many satisfied users

Everything you need for your digital communication

With Ungapped, you get access to a powerful digital communication platform. Our team is always close at hand to help you succeed with your communication.

Create and send email campaigns

Create emails the way you want them. Start from our ready-made email templates and images or simply create your own based on your brand.

Email marketing tool


Create surveys and polls

Do better customer surveys and employee surveys with our survey tool.

Surveys and questionnaires tool

Send SMS to your target group

Create effective campaigns and reach your target group quickly via SMS.

SMS online tool

Manage events and invitations

Create engagement before, during and after your event with our platform.

Event management tool

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