Statistics and Insights

Each tool in the platform has its own detailed statistics, which makes it easy to analyze and report.

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Track engagement

Each contact has its own contact card where you can see the person’s commitment on an individual level.

detaljerad statistik för dina nyhetsbrev, enkäter och sms

Statistics overviews

Each tool has individual statistics reports where you can see how effective your campaigns have been.


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Detailed statistics

Mail statistics

Our in-depth statistics show who has opened, clicked, bounced, and unsubscribed and which links in the newsletter were clicked. In addition, you can see if the email has been shared on social media and which device the recipients used.
In addition, you can track all your clicks to your website via Google Analytics.

statistik för dina nyhetsbrev presenteras i en snygg rapport

Survey statistics

How have your respondents responded? You get an overview of how everyone has answered, but you can also see the individual respondent’s answers.
You can create a new list with everyone who answered x to question y.
You can then use the list to send these respondents customized emails or text messages. Of course, you can also export the list to Excel.
You can also choose to be notified for each received response to your survey.

se svaren från din enkät och inkomna anmälningar till ditt event

SMS statistics

See which contacts have received your SMS, and which mobile numbers have bounced.
If the contact has replied to the SMS, you can read the reply directly in the SMS tool.

se statistik för dina sms-utskick

Statistics at the individual level

On each contact card, you can see your information about the contact and how involved they have been with your mailings.
Everything from how many e-mails were opened and clicked, which forms were answered and which text messages were received. Everything is gathered in one place.

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