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All inclusive pricing

We believe in complete solutions that bridge the gap between business goals and simplify your everyday life. That’s why you’ll find all our tools are included in every subscription type – at no extra cost.

Calculate your pricing

We calculate your monthly cost by estimating the number of unique contacts you have. Try it for yourself:


  • Monthly fee from Monthly fee
  • 0 USD
  • Order
  • Up to 500 contacts
  • Included in this account:
  • Newsletters
  • Surveys and invitations
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Insights and follow-ups
  • Access to the support site
  • Online training
  • Ungapped banner in the footer
  • Maximum number of contacts - 500


  • Monthly fee from Monthly fee
  • 55 USD
  • Order
  • Up to 500 contacts
  • Includes everything from Basic, plus:
  • API (Rest)
  • Simple automation (triggers)
  • Support via email
  • Free training
  • Chat support
  • Phone support
  • No Ungapped banner
  • 50 users


  • Monthly fee from Monthly fee
  • 550 USD
  • Order
  • Up to 500 contacts
  • Includes everything from Basic and Pro, plus:
  • Advanced automation (series)
  • Custom domain (links, sender)
  • Unlimited users

Frequently asked questions

How many email addresses am I allowed to store with Ungapped?

The number of email addresses you can store depends on the account size you order.

Our free basic account allows up to 500 contacts while our Pro and Enterprise accounts can store anywhere between 500 and 200 000 contacts each.

Is there a minimum binding-time or notice period for cancellations?

We don’t have contracts that bind you to using Ungapped for a minimum period. Notice period for cancellations is 3 months.

Can I try the platform without paying?

Yes. Create a basic account for free!

What happens if I send more than the number of mailings allocated to my account size?

If you do send more mailings than your account size allows then we just bump you up to the next pricing plan. You will always be able to continue to send mailings so there’s no need to worry about your campaigns being stopped half way through sending.

How much does it cost to send a text message (SMS)?

The text message (SMS) tool is included in all subscription types at no extra cost. Costs are incurred for sent text messages which vary depending on which country you send to. You can view our text message pricing here »

How do I pay for my account?

Ungapped will automatically deduct your monthly subscription from your nominated credit / debit card. Invoicing is available to companies located in Sweden only.

Can I send as many mailings as I want?

The number of mailings you can send depends on your account size. To calculate, simply multiply your Ungapped account size by 4. For example:

If you have an account with up to 500 contacts then you can send up to 2000 mailings per month.

If you have an account with up to 5000 contacts then you can send up to 20 000 mailings per month

If you have an account with to 100 000 contacts then you can send up to 400 000 mailings per month.

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