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Archer Knight Limited: Closing Gaps and Helping Customers Succeed

Archer Knight Limited is set up to provide highly experienced subsea consultancy support. The company's business model is focused on supplying leading industry knowledge and experience to specific projects on a call off basis. Our vision is to be the 'first thought' company in the subsea industry for call off, discipline specific support.

We use emails for:

  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Event Invites
  • Educational Information
  • Equipment and Professional Talent Sourcing
  • Information Collection

Our business is built on collecting, analysing and utilising information gathered from numerous sources across the globe. Ungapped’s email platform provides Archer Knight with an essential tool to request and collect critical information in an easy to use and organised fashion.

With Ungapped email and surveys we can quickly and efficiently organise our information request and gathering procedures. This allows our teams to reduce the time they spend in the collection process and spend more time focusing on analysing and delivering key information back to our clients.

David Sheret, Executive Director
Archer Knight Limited, UK

Beyond information gathering we also use Ungapped to ensure the delivery of critical client reports, client surveys and ensuring key information is delivered to recipients in a timely and efficient manner.

Working with numerous projects on a global level, Ungapped provides a critical solution to ensure the correct party receives the correct project information at the right time.

Ungapped not only allows us to keep our project information organised, it is also an easy to use tool that delivers beautifully designed email communications to all our clients, vendors and partners.

Survey created with Ungapped

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