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Bordelon Marine: closing gaps and building relationships

Bordelon Marine is a shipbuilder and leading provider of Marine Transportation services operating in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and around the world. Using Ungapped has helped them to enhance customer and vendor relations.

We used Ungapped to send…

  • Vessel Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Vessel Availability Notices
  • HR Communications
  • Safety Updates
  • General Policy Communications

Keeping everyone on the same page across multiple locations and multiple vessels can bring challenges when people are not up to date with the latest information. Everything from safety updates to vessel availability is crucial for our daily business decisions.

“Emails are the easy way for us to send this information across but creating them and managing the lists proved time consuming.”

Wes Bordelon

Wes Bordelon, President/CEO
Bordelon Marine/Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders
Houma, Louisiana (USA)

Ungapped makes it easy for us to send out beautifully designed and professional emails to various groups by simply creating lists within our database that can be accessed quickly and easily based on our audience.

We send out a quarterly vessel update to our general list that provides updates and details of our current vessel fleet and their activities. Plus a quarterly employee newsletter that provides all our employees with updates on the various company departments and an overall update from the CEO.

We send out periodic emails to current and potential customers when we have a vessel that is scheduled to become available for charter or when a vessel has been updated with new or unique equipment. We also use Ungapped to send important safety updates to our employees, customers and vendors as well as sending policy updates to customers, vendors and employees.

With such different types of emails being sent out time is a factor for us, and the less time it takes to create and send emails the better as information needs to move fast in this industry.

Mailing sent with Ungapped

Knowing which locations and vessels read the updates is key…

It is very easy to understand who is receiving and interacting with our emails with the rich statistics on the platform. This helps us to better understand if our updates / messages are being recieved and we can follow up easily when it comes to important information.

Creating great emails is fast and easy…

The prebuilt templates and easy to use tools on the platform enable us to save countless hours designing and manually sending out emails. Plus with great customer support if we need to know something fast they are always there.

Ungapped is an invaluable tool that allow us to work smarter and gain an advantage in the current hyper competitive offshore industry.

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