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M2 Subsea: Closing Gaps and Providing Customer Value

M2 Subsea is one of the largest independent providers of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and vessel services, Project Management, Consulting & Engineering. With Ungapped they can continue to deliver their cost-effective solutions while maintaining their high quality of safety.

How we use emails:

Emails are a core part of our business communication and we reach out to our various stakeholders with a variety of emails such as:

  • Equipment Availability Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Training Updates
  • Safety Updates
  • Event Invites

Having an easy to use email creation system plus in-depth analytics enables to spend less time creating the emails and more time focusing on growing the company.

Mike Arnold

Mike Arnold, CEO
M2 Subsea

Ensuring that all our customers, employees and partners are kept up to date on the changing aspects of our business is critical as our company grows.

Email is our industry standard and the most effective way for us to communicate to all the various shareholders across our numerous projects.

Working with numerous projects across multiple teams Ungapped provides a solution to ensure all pertinent information is sent out to the correct recipients in a timely manner.

With Ungapped’s centralized email platform we can avoid sending out redundant information and reduce the number of overall project updates.

Mailing sent with Ungapped

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