Rich statistics and insights to track engagement - Ungapped

Rich statistics and insights to track engagement

Each tool comes with its own statistics dashboard
making analysis and reporting a breeze.

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Track Engagement

Track your individual customers engagement with their own customer cards

detaljerad statistik för dina nyhetsbrev, enkäter och sms

Statistics dashboard

With individual statistics for each tool you are able to see how effective each of your campaigns are.


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Statistics and insights to keep you on your growth path.

Email Campaign Statistics

With our in-depth statistics you can view who has opened, clicked and where on the email they have clicked at a glance along with which devices your audience are viewing your email on. Plus you can track all your clicks to your website through Google Analytics as well.

statistik för dina nyhetsbrev presenteras i en snygg rapport

Survey Statistics

With every survey you create you are able to view the survey responses directly on the platform. Plus you are able to directly view at a glance who has filled in your survey. If you want to dive deeper into data manipulation you can in a few clicks download all the responses to Excel.

se svaren från din enkät och inkomna anmälningar till ditt event

SMS Statistics

View all your sms campaign statistics with easy on the Ungapped platform. After you have sent each campaign you can view how many sms’s where sent, received and how many bounced. Then export these to excel or put them into a list to follow up on. This is a great way for you to also cross check and make sure that all your contact details are up to date.

se statistik för dina sms-utskick

Customer engagement

We like to call it your mini engagement CRM. On every contact card you will be able to view all the details plus how engaged they are with your business. From how many emails they have opened to surveys responded and sms’s sent. All in one place.


  • Ready to use templates
  • 100 % responsive
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Many content blocks
  • Use custom fields
  • Use Google Fonts
  • Preview your mailing on desktop, mobile phone and tablet
  • Send test mailings
  • Schedule your newsletter
  • Automatic quality checks
  • Rich statistics
  • Google analytics
  • Share newsletter on social media
  • Put sign up-form on your own website
  • Automated welcome email
  • Automated welcome sms
  • Auto generate content from RSS
  • Own Domain
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Nice statistics report


  • Ready to use templates with questions
  • 100 % responsive
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Mandatory questions
  • Pre-filled fields
  • Conditional questions
  • Rating block
  • Waiting list
  • Possible to “Show one question per page” (multi-page)
  • Consent-block (GDPR)
  • NPS
  • Hidden fields
  • Use Google Fonts
  • Preview your survey on desktop, mobile phone and tablet
  • Set response limit
  • Embed the form on your own website
  • Notification of response
  • Delete responses
  • Automatically send confirmation email to respondent
  • Sutomatically send conformation sms to respondent
  • Put all respondents in a contact list
  • See those who didn’t answer your survey
  • Form statistics
  • Export answers to Excel


  • Use custom fields
  • Get price estimation before you send
  • Schedule your sms
  • Receive replies
  • Opt out


  • See contact activity
  • Track engagement
  • Auto generated avatars
  • Measure deliverability
  • Export to Excel
  • Geo-location
  • Track emails with Google Analytics
  • Track surveys with Google Tag Manager
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