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10 ways to generate leads from email marketing

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

Ungapped email marketing is one of the best lead-generation platforms on the market. The tool is perfect for creating opportunities using the right strategy and practice. Email marketing needs the right approach, contacts, and technology to produce a positive result. Generating leads is a continuous process, and it gradually increases sales revenue. As a marketer, you should use email marketing to grow your lead generation, increase sales revenue, and get high-quality conversions.

You need a great email template to succeed in your email marketing. You can develop great email templates with Ungapped’s tools. The tool provides several templates, and you can easily create your own. If you need help, you can quickly pay someone to write content or create a template because the tool is logical and user-friendly.

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The success rate of email marketing in generating customer responses has increased tremendously.

What is email lead generation?

You can collect leads using an opt-in email lead generation form. You must contain customer information, including their names and email addresses. However, we can see that a lead capture form continues after the lead generation strategy. You need to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers. You do this by working long-term and continuing to build credibility.

Why is it essential to have a lead generation strategy?

Marketers know that generating leads is critical for various businesses. Businesses need a lead generation to get sales revenue and grow. Therefore, you need to have a good strategy for generating leads, and companies work on generating leads because they are still deciding what kind of people they are looking for to sell their services and products.
Many businesses depend entirely on lead generation as it helps generate traffic to websites. Through it, you can convert leads into loyal customers. With the help of Google, you can easily connect people to businesses. Even the company can tell the world about its products and services.
It allows you to create a customer base that searches for your product or service through search engines. And taking the lead directly to your website increases the prospect’s chance of buying from your business.

How do you get email leads the right way?

You’ve understood the importance of a lead generation strategy for your business, so let’s look at the different ways to attract leads.
Here are ten different email lead generation methods/techniques to drive a stream of leads to your business.

1. Use Lead Scoring
Reaching the right set of people at the right time with the right message is a big part of marketing. You can do this with the help of lead scoring, as it helps capture higher-quality prospects and allows you to prioritize your incoming leads. You can integrate lead scoring with email automation into your marketing to provide points. The higher the score, the hotter the leads. For example, if a visitor has viewed a product on your website, you can convert them into loyal customers with a 25% email offer. You can use this option to get the visitor to register by showing an exit intent pop-up.

2. Designa övertygande e-postmallar
Email design is crucial when talking about lead generation. Create a concise email because it is essential, and avoid having too long email templates. Putting much excess in the email templates can distract the customer from the message. You shouldn’t keep your emails flashy, so use standard fonts to help subscribers quickly read emails. On the other hand, you can use plain text and choose a simple and clean email template.

3. Create short and engaging content
Nowadays, the audience needs more time to read long email content.
Subscribers prefer to read short and explicit email content, so you must avoid creating long and useless messages. You can add images or video, as recipients are more attracted to pictures and moving media than standard text messages.

At the same time, you must ensure your email content is interesting to grab your audience’s attention and engage them. Creating engaging and valuable content can generate more quality results from signup forms as customers can show interest in your product.

4. Keep email subjects engaging
We know that the subject line is the most crucial part of an email that engages the audience to open the email and increases the number of open inboxes. For example, a subject line like “40% off your purchase” would immediately grab your attention and entice you to buy the product.

It would help if you ensured the email’s subject line was short and straightforward to grab the audience’s attention. You need to add the purpose of the email in the subject line, and you can also add words like “today’s exclusive offer” or “limited offer” to create a sense of urgency. You can create a subject line of 30-50 characters and change your boring subject line to an interesting one to maximize clicks and opens.

5. Avoid using unresponsive email addresses
You should avoid flooding customers’ inboxes with promotional messages. Some marketers bombard subscribers’ inboxes with email replies with disproportionate responses from them. However, many brands use a non-reply email format to send transactional or marketing messages. Avoid “Email address without reply” (no-reply) to build customer trust.

6. Choose the right time
Be sure to send email marketing campaigns to generate leads. Some marketers think Tuesday is the best time, while others think Thursday is the best time to deliver emails to subscribers. Every business has its own set of audiences whose habits, preferences, and choices differ. The things that work for me may not work for others. So, marketers must study their audience to identify the right day and time to send email newsletters. With tools like Ungapped, you can schedule the campaign according to the prospect’s time zone and holiday calendar.

7. Add a strong call to action (CTA)
You should add a call-to-action button to every email because it makes it easy for readers to take appropriate action. It would help to use creative language to incorporate a strong CTA in your email newsletters to grab the reader’s attention. You can add excitement and urgency by incorporating effective CTAs and improve conversion rates. We need to add text like “Try Free” and “Get the discount” to take intensive action. You can keep your CTA text short to two to three words and create a sense of urgency.

8. Use social media platforms
Marketers can use social media channels to grow their email lists and schedule daily posts to generate new leads. For example, you can upgrade the content of blog posts to get high traffic. You can include an opt-in form and a sign-up button on the Facebook page so that people can sign up for the email list.

9. Make mobile-friendly emails
Users read email on mobile devices more compared to other devices. People prefer to read emails or content on smartphones and tablets rather than on laptops and desktops. Marketers need to design the email template and place buttons based on mobile devices and tablets.

10. Link emails to specific landing pages
With email marketing campaigns, you can link your email to the landing pages to drive traffic to your website. You can also connect a specific page to the campaign where visitors find essential information, and the visitor can navigate to different pages sparingly.

This would increase the conversion rate and generate leads through email marketing campaigns. You can also make sure you use the right tracking tools to keep track of the landing pages and email newsletters. Use the right tracking tools to ensure landing pages and emails generate leads.

Most consumers check their email regularly, so email marketing exists for a good reason. It’s the most effective way to connect with your leads and nurture and turn them into loyal customers.
Email marketing wins over other marketing platforms. For example, email marketing provides the highest return on investment if you want to build a healthy contact list. On the other hand, if you use an extensive database of email lists, use marketing automation software to take advantage of your marketing campaigns.

Remember the basics of writing an engaging subject line, integrating social links, adding relevant images, and adding a CTA (button of call) to drive engagement.

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