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How to get more email subscribers to follow you on social media

The social media landscape is constantly changing so trends never stay still for very long. Right now, businesses big and small know that they need to be on social channels but what’s not yet certain is how companies can better leverage their social use to grow their customer base. Let’s explore how social can work within your email marketing…

world emoji day

Celebrating World Emoji Day

July 17 is World Emoji Day. You may be asking why this day, and why celebrate Emoji’s? For that I can only answer the first part of the question, the rest well .  The date was chosen based on the calendar emoji on iOS while other platforms use different dates this was the one that was chosen…

How to write headings and subject lines that are seriously compelling

With more and more pressure on marketers to scale their content efforts, those responsible for creating the copy need to be able to write headings and subject lines that are seriously compelling. But it’s not always easy creating copy that encourages people to either open a mailing or continue to scroll past the initial headline. So how…

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