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Suppress or not? Segment your email lists!

List size is a measure that is ridiculous in itself. But, as an email marketer knows, it’s not about the size of the list; it’s about the quality. The battle over when to suppress users is an old one, usually fought between those focused on list size and those on the email side who understand…

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10 ways to generate leads from email marketing

Ungapped email marketing is one of the best lead-generation platforms on the market. The tool is perfect for creating opportunities using the right strategy and practice. Email marketing needs the right approach, contacts, and technology to produce a positive result. Generating leads is a continuous process, and it gradually increases sales revenue. As a marketer,…

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Convert leads to sales through B2B email marketing

The email has been around for decades, and while it’s a proven channel for B2B marketing, you might be surprised at how effective it is today. Although the technology is older, businesses still use B2B email marketing to connect with followers, convert leads into customers, and engage audiences with news, promotions, information and offers. There…

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Improve the Customer Experience with Marketing Automation

Did you know that the Swedish business register has 1,674,052 registered companies and 1,324,079 workplaces? Forty-two percent of the companies are run as sole proprietorships, and 37 percent as limited companies. In addition, privately owned companies make up 99.7 percent of all companies in Sweden. You may feel stressed about how to get more customers…

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