18 Valentine’s Day emails that will make you fall in love all over again

By Sophia Skinbjerg | sophia.skinbjerg@ungapped.com

While some of us are diehard romantics and others not so much, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Regardless of your stance of such a day dedicated to love, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spread some love to your customers with fun and novel email campaigns.


Experienced cupid?

If Valentine’s Day is part of your campaign ammo, you’ll no doubt already be putting some loved-up designs together. But perhaps this year you’re feeling a little stuck and want to branch out with a set of Valentine’s Day emails that are pieces of eye candy in their own right.

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New to the bow and arrow?

Same goes for those who might be putting together Valentine’s Day emails for the very first time. What’s are some good design ideas that will get your rolling on those Feb 14th campaigns? With the 18 Valentine’s Day emails in this post, we hope you’ll get more than an idea or two.

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All of these Valentine’s Day emails were found over on Pinterest. There’s even more on our board dedicated to Valentine’s Day emails.


Anything looks good when arranged into the shape of a heart

Makeup, clothes, and shoes – all can be instantly turned into a heart for Valentine’s Day emails. If your a product company, can you do something similar with your product lines?

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Be funny punny

Novel holidays like Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to be a bit more creative with the language you use within the email campaign. Why? Because it’s funny and makes your campaign more engaging compared to an email that simply lists products and offers.

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Make it easy with a gift guide

This is especially applicable to those of you who are B2C companies. Everyone is busy. Everyone wants to get things done as fast as possible. You can help them do that by picking out the most popular items, or items personalized to their previous purchases.

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Spice it up with a gif

If you’re used to sending Valentine’s Day emails with static images, why not give it a whirl with a gif? It’s a great way to create something engaging, that encourages a reader to keep looking just a little bit longer.

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