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3 Email Marketing Traps to Avoid

By Aniel Bhaga |

Email marketing is not rocket science, but like anything, you may stumble into a few traps. This increases drastically, especially when you have last minute deadlines or too many things on your plate, a few basic checks can be forgotten which could hurt your brand and email campaigns more than you realise. Here are three easy tips on how to avoid a few common mistakes. Pin it up on your wall, save this link, share it with a fellow email marketer they will thank you I am sure.

1) I have to send this email out today, I’ll just send it to everyone!

It may sound like an easy fix, but don’t fall into this trap, your audience are in various stages of their customer journey, some have just heard about you for the first time, some have known you for a while, some have bought your products and there are many in between. Sending out one email blast for everyone will not give you the highest engagement as an email marketer.

The best way is to segment your followers, put them in campaigns and build up an email flow for each of the funnels. Make it easy and fool proof for yourself. Take some time in the beginning to organise your lists and you will be thanking yourself as your engagement increases.

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2) I will send out an email when I feel like it.

People love routine, it helps us feel safe and helps our brain make sense of all that is happening around us.  One of the biggest pitfalls of new marketers and start-ups is sending out emails every so often, and not sticking to a scheduled flow. This can over time decrease your engagement. A foolproof way to overcome this is to keep a calendar and plan ahead. Don’t just plan it, stick to it. Do a little background research, testing to find out which time and day is best for your emails and stick to the routine. Your readers will get used to your emails and they will soon be expecting it. Deliver on that promise and you will be on your way to building an engaged and loyal following.

Not sure how to get started on an email plan, check out our free email campaign planner.


3) I want to put everything in the email.

An important point to think about in every email, is what do you want your reader to do? Do you want them to click, read, share or do something else? Work out the purpose of each email you send out and try to avoid overloading your reader with information, taking them away from the purpose of your email. Make it clear, and keep it simple, every email you send out should have a purpose, be it to convert, re-engage or brand build.

Whatever you do if you keep these 3 things in mind every time you are preparing an email campaign we guarantee that you will succeed!


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