5 Steps to Running a Successful Lead Generation Event

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

If live events are separate from your lead generation strategy, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to increase your sales cycle and grow your business. However, to generate high-quality leads, you need an event strategy that encourages your consumers to submit their contact information and attend your event. Maximize the opportunity to generate leads at the corporate event by following these strategies.

Step #1: Attract the right participants

Before you start planning the logistics of your event, identify who will be attending your event. Like other forms of lead generation, your efforts will be worth the investment if your event attracts people who are likely to become your customers. Develop your perfect persona for the participant. Where do they live? Where do they work? Where are they located online? A solid understanding of your target audience will help market your event more effectively. But more importantly, this step helps define your event’s core values. Why should your target group visit your event? Review your marketing materials to ensure they appeal to the specific buyer you want.

Step #2: Offer valuable, relevant content

A solid marketing strategy that targets your ideal attendee persona will fail if your event content doesn’t pique their interest. Survey your event attendees and adapt the content accordingly. Look at the industries, companies, roles, and tenure of the people participating, and make sure your content is relevant to them. After all, if you want to avoid attracting a room full of CEOs, save your time teaching them tactical strategies.

Consider why your potential customers want to attend your event and include that in your messaging. You want people to walk away with practical advice and feel you’ve added value to their professional lives. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Getting this right will make selling registrations easier in the long run.

Step #3: Simplify the registration process

There are two things to keep in mind when creating the registration process. First and foremost, the experience must make it easy to sign up. Long page load times or pages not built for phones can prevent you from losing qualified customers. Second, using the registration process to collect the correct information is critical. However, it is a delicate balance, as each step in your registration process can lead to a 10% reduction in transactions. So make sure you only ask for the information you need and let technology fill in the gaps. For example, a participant’s company information or job title may be valuable enough to ask about during the registration process. But your web analytics can easily automate the age or geographic location.

Step #4: Set goals for success

Events are rarely a cheap option for lead generation. That’s why measuring your return on investment (ROI) is essential. And setting your key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you measure success more effectively.

Start with a goal for the number of leads and registrations. Then calculate your target cost per lead; this will help you determine how much you will spend on hosting and promoting your event.
When budgets get tight, your goals help justify this cost and show your event’s true business impact on your sales pipeline.

Step #5: Develop the strategy before the event

A solid plan to nurture your potential customers is essential to your strategy. Sync with your sales team to ensure they know the potential value of your event attendees.

Remember: prompt follow-up is vital to delivering a successful ROI from your event. So check with your registration provider to see if they integrate with your CRM. Then, with real-time insight into who is attending your event, your sales team can reach out to qualified leads without delay.

Increase the return on your event marketing strategy.

Events are an effective way to secure new potential customers and grow the company. And with a carefully constructed event strategy, you can increase your sales pipeline and revenue.

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