best subject lines for mother's day

The best subject lines for Mother’s Day

By Sophia Skinbjerg |

If you’re planning on running a special email campaign for Mother’s Day then you’ll want to pair it with a killer subject line! Lucky for marketers, a fantastic report came out recently from Yesmail and Persuade that attempts to pinpoint what exactly makes the best subject lines for Mother’s Day.

The report was based on an analysis of 118,000 emails sent by Yesmail clients during the two weeks leading up to Mother’s Day in 2014 and 2015. More than 12,000 unique subject lines were included in the data set.

The analysis found that nearly two-thirds of all Mother’s Day-themed emails include subject lines that elicit at least one emotion. And why is eliciting emption important? Well the report found that those subject lines eliciting emotions had a 21.5% higher open rate than those that did not.


Emotions that make the best subject lines for Mother’s Day

The top two emotions found in the report were encouragement and curiosity. For example, “Give your mom the best gift this year” and “It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, shall we book you a table?” respectively.

Comparatively , the least effective emotion in subject lines was safety. For example, “Guaranteed delivery of flowers for your mom”.

Take a look at some examples below that really embody these encouragement and curiosity emotions (and avoid safety):

You can find these and more great examples over on our Pinterest board.


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best subject lines for mother's day



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best subject lines for mother's day

best subject lines for mother's day

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