Four main reasons why your company should conduct customer surveys

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

Companies in various industries conduct surveys to get answers to important questions. In order to get the most accurate information, it is important to strategically plan and structure the survey questions in the best possible way.

This is how you formulate your survey questions:

The main objective of the survey: Clearly define what the purpose of the customer survey is and what goals you want to achieve through it.
Application of survey data: Plan how you will use the data collected from the survey and how it can be applied to make informed decisions.
Decisions made based on survey data: Identify which decisions will be made as a direct consequence of the results of the survey.

Here are the four main reasons why your business should conduct customer surveys:

By creating a non-shameful survey environment, you can learn what motivates respondents and what is important to them. It gives you the opportunity to collect meaningful opinions, comments and feedback. Using online surveys, paper surveys, or mobile surveys provides a more private and less intimidating environment for respondents to provide open and honest feedback.

Give respondents the opportunity to discuss important topics relevant to the survey. This gives you the opportunity to increase your level of insight by broadening your perspective and exploring topics related to the examination on a wider scale.

Surveys provide an unbiased basis for decision-making. Instead of relying on gut feeling, you can collect unbiased survey data and make informed decisions based on analyzed results. By analyzing the results, you can focus on important areas and avoid wasting time and resources on less important areas.

Survey results provide a snapshot of the attitudes, behaviors and opinions of your target audience. These valuable insights can be used as a reference point to compare results over time and see changes or trends.

To create and distribute engaging surveys in a variety of formats and gather actionable insights, you can use Ungapped’s survey tool. Our tool empowers you to create and customize surveys to gain valuable insights.

Suggestions for different types of research that you can do:

Customer satisfaction survey:
Measure the degree of customer satisfaction with products, services or customer experience.
Identify areas that need improvement to increase customer satisfaction.
Gain insights into what makes customers most happy and what can lead to loyalty.

Product Feedback Survey:
Collect opinions about existing products or services.
Identify the product’s strengths and weaknesses.
Get suggestions for improvements and new features to meet customer needs and wants.

Market research:
Assess market response to a new product or service.
Gain insights into target-audience preferences, behaviors, and purchasing decisions.
Identifies competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Brand perception and image research:
Measure how customers perceive and relate to your brand.
Evaluate brand loyalty and the customer’s relationship with the brand.
Identify areas where brand communication can be improved.

Customer Service Survey:
Evaluate customer experience and satisfaction with customer service.
Identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in the customer service process.
Get feedback on customer interactions and support quality.

Marketing research:
Measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels and campaigns.
Evaluate customer perception of marketing messages and advertising.
Gain insights into which marketing activities generate the most engagement and conversions.

Employee survey:
Create and manage digital employee surveys and HME measurements. It is safe and secure for your employees and simple and flexible for you.

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