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Improve the Customer Experience with Marketing Automation

By Therese Tullgren |

Did you know that the Swedish business register has 1,674,052 registered companies and 1,324,079 workplaces? Forty-two percent of the companies are run as sole proprietorships, and 37 percent as limited companies. In addition, privately owned companies make up 99.7 percent of all companies in Sweden.

You may feel stressed about how to get more customers when you have so many competing businesses out there. Fortunately, you can stand out from the crowd and use a marketing automation solution that drastically improves the customer experience.

How businesses interact with customers at each stage leaves a lasting impression on the buyer’s journey. It’s called customer experience (CX). In this article, we will review what customer experience is.
We will also review how you can use it to get more customers.

What is customer experience?

It is to create a pleasant environment for the customer throughout the entire customer journey and to meet and preferably exceed the customer’s expectations.

The customer experience takes place in a variety of stages. When they go through these steps, it’s called the customer journey. And when they interact directly with you, they do so at touchpoints. Improving the customer experience will benefit your customer care efforts and help attract more customers and grow your business.

People like companies that know them
Have you ever walked into a store and been treated like an uninvited guest? How would you feel if you walked into a store and found that the salesperson remembered you and your preferences, along with your name and what items you bought on your last visit?

We know it’s a simple question, but what made the best impression on you? The one with more customer support and who recognizes you, of course. Creating a lasting positive image can be more complicated when transitioning from brick-and-mortar stores to a digital environment.

In such a situation, it takes two things to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers:

  • Convincing them that you know them
  • Managing a large amount of personal customer data and utilizing several marketing channels.

Combining the two allows you to create consistently positive customer experiences.

It can be challenging, considering how many potential customers are going through your sales funnel. However, there is one way to ensure you achieve the following goals.

Each of your customers believes you know who they are and what they care about, and you have solutions to their problems.

Marketing Automation to the rescue
If you think that kind of personal responsiveness is heaven, think again. If you ask the question, “What are the benefits of marketing automation?” we have the answer.

Say you want to share an upcoming campaign with a specific segment of your customers and have an automated follow-up email sent based on their engagement. Marketing automation ensures you take advantage of all opportunities due to slow response times or lack of communication.

Marketing automation lets you see engagement and the performance of every email and landing page you distribute.

It’s a win-win because Marketing Automation frees you up to focus on more critical tasks and sends personalized, relevant emails every time a customer does something important on your website, like leaving contact information or visiting a product page.

Today, businesses of all sizes harness the power of various practical marketing automation tools to enable a consistently positive customer experience.

So how you leverage marketing automation to improve the customer experience depends on your unique marketing challenges. That said, some marketing automation strategies work better than others.

That is the case for any business. If you ask the question, “What are the methods to improve the customer experience?” the following three answers you can implement when using marketing automation:

1. To personalize the experience, you should integrate automation with your CRM
Integrating your CRM with marketing automation tools takes your marketing activities to the next level, enabling a personalized experience. It will also help your marketing team develop the best strategies to convert even more of your customers. For example, it’s one thing to know about every email exchange you’ve had with a customer. Still, it’s quite another to automate the process with powerful tools that trigger highly relevant and personalized emails every time a customer converts to your website.

Access to this customer data can make your marketing efforts more successful than ever. In addition, you can easily integrate the process of collecting data into your workflow by combining automation and your CRM.

You will also be able to use A/B testing. As you can imagine, this will make efforts like email marketing more effective. You’ll be able to see which images and messages are performing better and make adjustments to send out optimized, personalized emails.

You will also be able to lower your churn rate and avoid problems with abandoned carts. Upselling is also more accessible, as is generating leads and converting them into customers.

2. Encourage conversation
Talking to your customers does not win their trust. So it’s time to stop talking and start listening if you want to build meaningful customer relationships. Put another way; you want to encourage ongoing conversations to improve the customer experience.

This improves customer engagement. That means creating an automated process for getting and using customer feedback—about your products, your customer service, and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

With the help of automation, you can insert customer satisfaction surveys strategically on your website and social media platforms to generate the best results.

It helps you effectively segment your audience to get the most relevant feedback. That way, when customers land on your landing pages, they’re more likely to convert.

3. Give customers the content they want
If you have a real estate company, then you probably wouldn’t send an article about the comforts of luxury homes to people who can’t afford them. But, on the other hand, if you sell appliances, wouldn’t you send blogs about affordable washing machines to customers who want to buy a refrigerator?

Studies show that people want to see three to five pieces of relevant content before they are willing to talk about sales. These are the challenges of content marketing.

Marketing automation ensures that the content you send will target key market segments’ needs and pain points.

This improves the customer experience and increases trust in your company. It also increases the likelihood that the first-time buyer will become a loyal customer.

An automation system will streamline this process and improve your digital marketing efforts.

By harnessing the power of marketing automation, you ensure your business delivers consistently positive customer experiences. This would happen across multiple channels and throughout the buyer’s journey.

These channels can include webinars, automated emails, and conversations with chatbots or bots. You will also be able to use technology to your advantages, such as push notifications, SMS, and text messages.

So how can you use marketing automation and benefit from its features? And how can you learn more about a marketing automation platform?

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