Sommar 2023

How to keep your marketing going during the summer

By Therese Tullgren |

Summer feelings are starting, and many are considering time off and relaxation. But what happens to the marketing? Should we let it rest during the summer months? Not! Summer can be a great time to increase awareness of your business and generate new leads.

For many businesses, summer can be a challenging time for marketing. Many customers are on vacation, and some companies may experience decreased demand. But instead of sitting back and letting marketing rest during the summer months, it’s essential to keep going and adapt to the new situation.

Keeping the marketing going during the summer can be an opportunity to stand out from the competition and reach new customers. Summer allows us to create campaigns and events that capture customers’ attention. It’s about thinking outside the box and finding ways to engage customers more relaxed and summery.

Here are eight concrete tips on how to keep your marketing going and generate quality leads during the summer:

  1. Give your newsletter a summer makeover. Use a summer-inspired design and focus on seasonally appropriate content. Create simple and easy-to-read texts that tell about your summer promotions and offers.
  1. Arrange a competition or a campaign that suits the summer. It can be simple as a photo contest where participants submit their best photos or a summer sale that entices people to buy.
  1. Develop your social media. Use summer-related hashtags and create content that attracts interaction and engagement. Share tips on summer activities or food recipes that suit the season. Be active and respond quickly to questions and comments from your followers.
  1. Arrange a summer event or a digital webinar. Use the opportunity to gather your potential customers and share your expertise. Create a summery theme and offer an inspiring experience.
  1. Cooperate with other companies. It could be collaborating with another company with a similar target group or an influencer that suits your business. You can create a summer campaign that attracts sales and generates new leads.
  1. Use vacation times to deepen relationships with existing customers. During the summer, getting new customers and generating leads can be challenging. Therefore, it may be good to focus on deepening relationships with existing customers instead. Please take the opportunity to offer a cup of coffee or invite them to a casual summer lunch to strengthen bonds and show that you appreciate their trust. It can also be a good idea to take advantage of vacation times to conduct customer surveys and gather feedback that can help improve your marketing and offer.
  2. Use advertising to reach new customers. Advertise on social media and search engines with summer-related ads and link to your campaign page or offer. Use re-marketing to reach people who have previously visited your website or shown interest in your company.
  3. Summer is full of fairs, seminars, and other industry-related events. Take the opportunity to attend these events to meet potential clients and network with other business owners. Remember that summer events often have a more relaxed atmosphere, making it easier to make connections and start collaborations.

The summer period does not have to mean a dip in marketing. On the contrary, keeping marketing going during the summer is essential to maintaining contact with existing customers and attracting new customers. Using summer-inspired themes and campaigns, partnering with other businesses, and advertising, you can create an effective marketing strategy even during the holiday season. Stay in touch with your customers and show that you are there for them.

See the summer as an opportunity to improve and strengthen your company’s marketing and build your pipeline for the fall.

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