[PODCAST] Why doesn’t my email subject line work?

By Sophia Skinbjerg | sophia.skinbjerg@ungapped.com

If you’ve ever been puzzled as to why one email subject line works over another then this 20 minute podcast is for you.

In this podcast, the LiveIntent hosts are joined by CEO and co-founder of Phrasee, Parry Malm. The three talk about why one subject line works over another, how long a subject line should be and what words should or should not be used in subject lines.

The best takeaway I think was the matrix outlined by Parry which clarifies the impact of being on-brand and performance on an email subject line. Essentially, for an email subject line to be great, it needs to be both on-brand and a high performer. If it isn’t, your email subject line will be average at best.


Why doesn't my email subject line work?

The matrix outlined by Parry Malm


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This is the fourth episode from the Everything Email podcast from LiveIntent.

I came across this podcast while reading another one of Phrasee’s fantastic newsletters. If you’ve not yet signed up for their newsletters then you can do that over here.

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