The benefits of AI in digital marketing

By Therese Tullgren |

Artificial intelligence, AI for short, has revolutionized many industries, and marketing is no different. AI offers incredible opportunities to reach target audiences, personalize communications and offer the best possible customer experience. In this article, we will look at the benefits of AI in marketing.

1. Personification of communication

AI enables the automation of personalization by analyzing data about your customers. By using data such as purchasing habits, search preferences, and communication, you, as a marketer, can create personalized communication for your customers. This means that a marketing campaign can be tailored to the customer’s interest, which can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Custom audience segmentation: By using data analysis and machine learning, your company can create custom segmentation of your target audience. It gives you, as a marketer, a better understanding of your customers and the opportunity to create more relevant campaigns.

By using AI technology to create personalized communication, you, as a marketer, can increase customer engagement by up to 20%.

2. Data management

AI in marketing helps manage data that would otherwise be impossible to operate independently. For example, integrating AI technology into your marketing strategy lets you track your customers’ buying process and how they interact with your website. Analyzing the data obtained through AI technology helps you make more informed decisions about customer-oriented marketing.

3. Optimization of marketing

Through autonomous machine learning algorithms, you can use AI to find the best marketing channels and advertising strategies to maximize return on investment (ROI). In addition, the marketing insights gained through AI help to adapt marketing channels to enable maximum conversion rates without wasting the company’s marketing budget.

Tailored offers: By analyzing customer data, the company can create tailored customer suggestions and recommendations. It helps the company increase its customer loyalty and increase sales.

4. Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial in digital marketing, and AI technology can help improve search rankings. By using machine learning algorithms, systems can understand how a search engine works and use this to create more effective SEO. AI technology can also anticipate search engines’ strict algorithms and help the company create content that ranks as high as possible.

Keyword Strategy Optimization: Using AI technology, the company can optimize its keyword strategy, which can help the website rank higher in search engine results. As a result, it increases both visibility and traffic to your website.

By optimizing the search engine ranking, the company can improve its visibility and drive traffic to the website by up to 35%.

5. Visualization of data

Using AI technology, the data will be shown in easy-to-understand visual presentations such as graphs and charts. It helps you as a marketer understand the data more efficiently. In addition, it makes it easier to share the information with management and present insights in an easy-to-understand way to those who need to be tech-savvy.

6. Optimization of customer experiences

AI is also useful for improving the customer experience in your marketing. AI can scan customer data and predict what the customer will want in the future, enabling you as a marketer to create better customer experiences that lead to higher satisfaction. Start engagement through a more personalized customer experience. As a result, the company gets more customers and increases loyalty from existing customers.

Proactive customer support: Chatbots and other automated solutions will deliver bold customer support around the clock. This results in more satisfied and loyal customers, who feel that their problems and questions are taken seriously.

Using AI technology to create a better customer experience, the company can improve customer loyalty by up to 25%.


AI has skills that enable your business to tailor marketing more effectively, automate processes, and use machine learning to understand customers better. By using AI technology in your marketing, the company can improve its ROI and customer experiences. So if you are a marketer who wants to take your marketing to the next level, AI is a technology you should try to improve your marketing strategies.

Despite the potential of AI in your marketing, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks of AI in marketing, such as making customers feel monitored and giving them the feeling that their privacy is being violated. As a marketer, you must work to balance the potential benefits of developing ethically prepared strategies that do not violate privacy laws.

AI technology will undoubtedly continue to change marketing for a long time. Still, we as humans must find a balance between what the technology can offer and the ethical guidelines for this technology.

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