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18 Instagram accounts to follow for email inspiration

By Sophia Skinbjerg | sophia.skinbjerg@ungapped.com

One of the problems we hear our users are most often facing is centered around how they can produce a beautifully designed mailing. Everyone knows how important it is to send something that looks and feels great but actually assembling something that looks pleasing to the eye can sometimes be a little harder – especially if you’re not a designer.

But not to worry, it’s a problem that’s very easily managed. All you need to do is have a pocket of inspiration that you can turn to when the creative juices are running dry. For me, that pocket of email inspiration is Instagram. With an average of 58 000 000 photos uploaded each day, there is going to be something on there that will help spark some idea – you just have to find it.

To give you a head start we’ve shortlisted 18 accounts that we follow for inspiration; everything from photography and graphics to video and tutorials. Follow one or follow them all, the choice is yours but don’t forget to follow us @Ungapped!



Unsplash @unsplash

Our absolute favorite resource for photos. So much so we recently supported their Kickstarter project. Ten photos are uploaded every 10 days to their site and their Instagram account is the perfect place to check out what’s new, popular or even a hidden gem. Best part: the images are royalty free.

Feature: Ian Schneider (@goian). More work by Ian on #unsplash at unsplash.com/goian ✌️

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Shutterstock @shutterstock

Also a great account to follow for photo inspiration though their pics tend to be more of landscape and city skylines rather than people. Word of warning, you need to purchase these images via their site. They are not free.


Foap @foap

Whilst not a free service, foap is at least much cheaper than Shutterstock using both crowdsourcing and gamification to source their images. Check out their best pics or live missions that might just be what you’re looking for.



Canva @canva

When we know what we want to include in a mailing, sometimes the tricky part can be finding an image that matches exactly what we want to say. So it can be handy to put an image and some text together to create a simple yet meaningful graphic. Canva is the one-stop-shop for such inspiration. Packed with beautiful graphics, their Instagram account is definitely one to follow.


Behance @behance

If you’ve had some experience with graphic design and are looking for inspiration that is a little higher on the arts spectrum then this is the account to follow. Splashed with color, contrasts and textures, Behance will get you thinking about how you can apply similar concepts to your mailings.

Heat wave by @paloma_rincon_ (be.net/palomarincon)

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Shots from Mieux Derma’s instagram campaign by @ryan_romanes (be.net/ryanromanes)

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Nordic Design Collective @nordicdesigncollective

Great little graphics that not only look great but also showcase products and campaigns. Smart!



Photoshop @photoshop

We all know how amazing Photoshop is so just follow them. Now.

Excuse me miss, there’s something on your face. Image by @calredback.

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ArkDes @arkdesc

A great account for when you are seeking for a little more than branded graphics or stock images. The Arkdes account is full of pics and videos that will make you question the bigger picture and even the status quo – useful when campaign planning and you need to think outside the box.



36 Days of Type @36daysoftype

Cool thing about this account is that they often highlight number series as opposed to just letters.

#8 by @rfh

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Typography Inspired @typographyinspired

If you’re tired of using Times New Roman then follow this account. They showcase everything from the design process to final typography works.



Oreo @oreo

While we don’t promote the use of full-length videos directly within a mailing, we are fans of short gifs and clips either within or linked to your mailing. Oreo’s account is a little goldmine full of cute, branded and on point videos.


Yodabee @yodabee

The thing I love about these videos is that they are the perfect example of how you can create fun content without a huge production budget. Everything they post is something you can also do but still get great results.


Product showcase

If you use your mailings to showcase related products and services to customers then two accounts you should follow are Shopify and TicTail. Both are really good at highlighting products in a subtle yet designed-minded way which always looks better than a plain inventory stock shot.

Shopify @shopify

Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee! Sandy Socks by @chattyfeet

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Moo @moo



Girlboss @girlboss
“Your daily kick in the ass.” Enough said.

Billie Jean is the queen #Girlboss

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Be a blogger boss @beabloggerboss

One of my favorite accounts because unlike a lot of inspirational accounts, this account doesn’t post a bunch of quotes but rather actual tips that you can use right away. There’s everything from the most basic advice for newbies and deeper tips for those more experienced in digital marketing. 


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