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By Therese Tullgren |

The Hotel and Restaurant Union (HRF) was founded in 1918 and is for everyone working in hotels, restaurants, or other parts of the tourism industry. During the last four years, they have used Ungapped’s platform for their digital communication. The advantages they think Ungapped has are that the tool is easy to use, flexible and that you can quickly communicate important information.

The hotel and restaurant union uses digital channels to communicate with existing and potential members, and they mainly use social media for their digital marketing.

Mailek– We primarily use the sending function (newsletter) in Ungapped. However, follow-up and statistics are also essential to ensure that we do the right things, says Maikel Ilias, communications manager at the unit responsible for all communications at the hotel and restaurant union.

Since February 2020, income insurance has been included in the membership of the Hotel and Restaurant Union, and to increase awareness of income insurance among their members, they used Ungapped. It created great opportunities for them to quickly and easily tell about the benefits of their new insurance, says Maikel. We are very pleased with the tool!

The hotel and restaurant union (HRF) is the union for employees in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. The hotel and restaurant union started their organization in 1918, and since then, their union work has continued uninterrupted. They currently have around 30,000 members.

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