Tillväxtverket thinks Ungapped is simple and easy to work with

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

In their marketing work, they focus on different topics and target groups as a complement to their social channels. As a government authority, they place high demands on their suppliers
regarding questions connected to GDPR and security from various aspects. There, Ungapped met their high demands

– We use the tool to create newsletters and right now we have nine newsletters that we send out at regular intervals. The newsletters have a different focus and purpose, says Gabriella Lundin, communications and content strategist at Tillväxtverket.


In Tillväxtverket’s large newsletter, they summarize current offers each month to their target groups, which are often regions, municipalities, and other actors who work with growth and business issues. They also have a newsletter that is aimed directly at the companies and which they do in collaboration with other authorities linked to Verksamt.se.

– The advantages for us are first and foremost that it is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It’s intuitive and easy to learn, and you can easily make changes to the template, which means we can quickly set up a new newsletter if the need arises.

We are also very happy with the support which is fast and it is great to get a little video back describing how to solve your problem. It’s worth its weight in gold.

We are also very pleased with the overview and summary of the statistics.

According to Gabriella, there is also another advantage and that is the overview that she has as admin for all newsletters. She can e.g. easily see how many users they have in total on the account, which is good to keep track of when you have many different newsletters.

The Agency for Growth is a national authority that belongs to the Ministry of Industry.

The authority is tasked with promoting business development and sustainable regional growth in all parts of Sweden, as well as managing and implementing structural fund programs.

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