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NPS och nyhetsbrev

NPS surveys and newsletters are a powerful marketing strategy

As a marketer, constantly striving to understand and improve customer relationships is critical to achieving long-term success. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful tool that gives insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty. By including NPS surveys in your newsletters, you can maximize the benefits of this tool while strengthening your marketing strategy. Why should…


Four main reasons why your company should conduct customer surveys

Companies in various industries conduct surveys to get answers to important questions. In order to get the most accurate information, it is important to strategically plan and structure the survey questions in the best possible way. This is how you formulate your survey questions: The main objective of the survey: Clearly define what the purpose…

NPS Surveys

Use the NPS method and measure your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a business metric that measures customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is an essential tool for companies to improve customer experience and increase profitability. The method has become increasingly popular in recent years and is used today in various industries. The NPS method is based on a simple question asking customers: “How likely…

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