How to plan email campaigns for the rest of 2016

By Sophia Skinbjerg |

Did you know that it’s less than 100 days to Christmas? Yep, that’s right. I can almost hear the jingle bells as I’m writing. Now Christmas jokes aside, this time of year means that it’s time to plan email campaigns for the remainder of the year.

Deny it all you want but Christmas is coming. GIF via GIPHY

Nobody knows how much of a struggle this can be for small businesses than us. I myself have been observing and working closely with small businesses here at Ungapped for just under 18 months, my colleagues have been doing it for 10 years. And what we see every year, almost like clockwork is that small businesses find it hard to forecast and plan email campaigns for the rest of the year. But that’s why we are here.


Down with the difficult and up with the easy

This year, we are launching an attack on busy schedules and expensive planning software that stop all superstar small businesses from achieving their email goals. What we have been working on is something that we think is going to make it that much easier for small business to kick their busy schedule in the butt.


Introducing your new email campaign planner

The marketing and design team at Ungapped have worked together to produce a resource that is not only practical but is actually easy to use and share with your own teams. No more tricky-to-use pdfs. This planner has been created in excel which means everything can be edited and tweaked to fit your own plans. It’s also easy to print and stick up on the wall (because sometimes digital can’t solve everything).

In the planner you’ll find important dates and holidays not just for the US but also United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. We’ve done this because our users are spread across all four regions and are often coordinating campaigns across these regions themselves. If there is a holiday or date that isn’t relevant to you, simply delete it.

So what are you waiting for? Download it here or click the image below.

Download your free email campaign planner here


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