Webbplatspersonalisering och Marketing Automation

Increase Conversions with Website Personalization and Marketing Automation

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

Website personalization offers clear benefits, consumers expect customization from companies, and more are inclined to purchase services from companies providing personalized content. Personalization improves user experience, increases conversion rates, and gives you a better understanding of your audience.

So, what is website personalization all about?

Website personalization involves using data to deliver customized, relevant content based on user characteristics.

For personalization, you can use:

  1. Collect website data about the user, such as location, language, time, and browsing history.
  2. Other available data, such as segments created in a Marketing Automation tool like ours, can integrate systems such as CRM or ERP and connect them to the CMS system.

Web pages adapt and display more relevant content based on the amount of user information that can be used. In this way, visitors are offered content that is relevant to them and meets their needs. Personalization helps your business reach profitable customers and guide them on the website in the desired way. 

Why is content customization profitable?

Improved user experience on the website

Providing relevant and engaging content improves user experience, increases website traffic, and reduces bounce rates. When users enjoy your site, they are more likely to return.

A positive user experience builds trust in your business, helps your customers find the information or service they need efficiently, improves search engine visibility, and increases conversions – to name a few benefits.

  • Offer more relevant and engaging content to different audiences: Target offers based on their subscription or browsing history.
  • Leverage more opportunities for customer engagement: Provide a more personalized user experience by tailoring content based on location, user preferences, or feedback.
  • Keep existing customers, acquire new ones, and improve customer service: Customize content separately for existing and potential customers.
  • Explore versatile possibilities: Customize elements such as navigation, images, texts, buttons, and links for different audiences or rearrange elements and sections on a page based on what is most appealing to the visitor. Recruitment communications can target potential job seekers, making it more likely to reach interested applicants who meet the employment criteria.

Recruitment communications can target potential job seekers, making it more likely to reach interested applicants who meet the employment criteria.

Increased conversions

Personalization can increase conversions by using customized elements such as CTA buttons, pop-ups, and landing pages for visitors. Content relevance is vital in visitor conversions, so personalized content leads to more conversions. Determine what content works for each audience using A/B testing and experiment with which website version works best. A/B testing is a customization form that shows which content leads to more conversions.

Consider the user’s status

If a visitor is already a subscriber to your newsletter, ask them to book a demo instead of subscribing to the newsletter by customizing the call-to-action or using personalized pop-ups to convert existing users instead of a form.

More effective targeting

Personalization is user data collected from the website, browser, device, or information the user provides. It is based on the user’s actions on the website, login details, or purchases in an online store.

With precise targeting, you can reach exemplary visitors at the right time with the right content. The data collected through marketing automation and the segments created can also be used to personalize a website.

  • Create a visitor profile to offer them relevant content such as offers, articles, or guides.
  • Send personalized newsletters based on data collected from the website and target the content with marketing automation.
  • Build dynamic campaigns that reach prospects at the right stage of their buyer’s journey.

Streaming services use information about the user’s location, viewing history, and feedback to provide more relevant suggestions.

A better understanding of the user

  • Personalization allows you to understand your users’ interests and needs better, allowing you to produce content that appeals to them and keeps them engaged on your site.
  • When you know your users’ needs and understand what they are looking for on your website, you can effectively guide them to the correct information, contact, or purchase. It makes it easier to define the quality of leads coming through the site, and your sales team can get more ready-made, high-quality information.
  • Personalization also helps uncover hidden sales potential.
  • Guide customers on the website using different elements and offer entirely different versions of the website based on their data.
  • Continue to improve your customer understanding by collecting visitor information via forms.

Increased customer loyalty

Show that you understand your customers and can continue to meet their needs by providing them with relevant content, recommended products, and suggestions that fit their browsing or purchase history. That way, you’re more likely to keep them as customers. By engaging your customers, you foster brand loyalty, so encourage them to revisit your site by recommending value-added content related to what they’ve already consumed.

Show your customers you care by rewarding loyalty with targeted and personalized customer offers and programs.

Website personalization is yet to be widespread among marketers, allowing you to gain a clear competitive advantage by using this strategy and improving user and customer understanding. By implementing personalization, you can reinforce the positive perception of your brand.

Marketing Automation and Website Personalization are complementary strategies that help your business create more relevant and effective communication methods to engage customers and improve conversions. Using data from our Marketing Automation tool and designed segments, you can customize the content of your website based on visitor behaviors and preferences. In this way, the websites can deliver relevant content and offers.

Using data to deliver personalized and relevant information to the right audiences, your company can build strong customer relationships and increase its competitiveness in the market. Take advantage of this powerful combination to improve user experience and maximize conversions on your website.

Good luck!

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