Ungapped’s tools are easy to use and the layout suits Spritmuseum’s tonality

By Therese Tullgren | therese.tullgren@ungapped.com

Spritmuseum has been using Ungapped’s platform since Dec 2021 and uses the newsletters mainly to create and maintain its strong customer relationships.

In its marketing, Spritmuseum wants to capture new customers and retain existing ones. They primarily use digital communication – social media, the website, and newsletters.

Hanna Elmberg

– Spritmuseum – a gem on Djurgården that highlights Swedish drinks and shows the Swedish history of alcohol. In addition, we are really proud of our art collection Absolut Art Collection, which has over 850 works, says Hanna Elmberg, PR & Marketing Manager at Spritmuseum.

Spritmuseum has many different target groups and is so much more than a museum. Today it is clearly a drinking destination, from several perspectives. They have an extensive tasting program and a drinks lab where they create their own drinks, and spice schnapps and invite different producers to showcase themselves and their products.

– Every month we send out our newsletter with the latest happenings at Spritmuseum. We also work with large events and every year we organize fairs. Everything from cider – to gin and champagne fairs. We invite producers to the museum so that our visitors can taste and ask questions to the people behind the craft.

The newsletters they create with Ungapped are a perfect channel to create and maintain their strong customer relationships. Their newsletters are used as a complement to their other forms of communication because the newsletters reach out quickly and are target-group oriented.

According to Hanna, they haven’t had time to carry out any major campaigns yet due to the pandemic. But in the fall of 2022, they are beating the big drum, then they will launch a big wedding campaign.

Spirit museum: Spirit museum is located in Djurgården. Their mission is to inspire, spread and increase knowledge about Swedish drinks and drinking culture through creative, contrasting exhibitions, tastings, meals, and experiences that tickle all the senses.

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