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Preparing 800 000 meals every year is no small feat but it’s the service Matkomfort provides to busy families and working professionals all across Stockholm, Sweden. One thing that helps to make their customer service exceptional is their personalized text messages.

We use text messages to send:

Weekly order and collection details
Exclusive and special offers

SMS matkomfort

Text messages enhance our customer experience…

With 9 out of 10 customers recommending our service to friends, it’s important that we maintain our level of meal quality and our personalized service. Using text messages to conveniently alert customers when their delivery is ready to be picked up is an important part of that service.

The challenge of using text messages to connect with customers…

…is that you need to know the time that is most convenient for your customer to receive that text message – and that can be different for different customers. But it’s easily managed by using the scheduling feature, which I use to schedule our weekly pickup text messages well in advance.

“When we are sending a text message, it should be ‘perfect timing’ for the customer”.

It’s also a challenge to try and fit everything you need to tell your customers into one short text message. You can only include the most necessary information but using the character counter in the text message tool helps to keep you on track.

SMS meddelande matkomfort

On finding a balance between marketing and customer service…

We don’t really consider our text messages as part of our marketing efforts, we consider them a part of our customer service. But even though we consider it part of our customer service, we still need to be wary of the number of text messages we send to our customers. If we send too many it becomes annoying but if we send too few it’s no longer a convenient service.

“The tool is easy to use and the customer service is the best. If I need help they’re there right away, whether I need customer or technical support”.

We try to combat this by making sure every text message is personalized to individual customers. This way the text messages feel less like automated message and more like a unique note from us at Matkomfort – because it is.

If you’re thinking about getting started with text messages…

Just start using it! Don’t limit yourself by thinking it’s just a marketing tool because it‘s not – it’s a fantastic way to personalize and better your overall customer experience.


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