Your Ultimate Social Media Help Sheet

By Sophia Skinbjerg |

Most of us that work with email and survey marketing also tend to work directly with or close to social media. The problem with managing or contributing to social media in addition to email marketing is that the rules are constantly changing.

Just recently, Facebook gave everybody the ability to upload a profile video which had previously been available to only a handful of testers. And let’s not even start talking about Snapchat’s constant updates. But what’s a marketer to do? It doesn’t make sense to do a Google search each and every time you need to know image specs or character length. That’s too much time wasting. No, your answer is right here in this help sheet infographic.

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The infographic has all the image dimensions you need for not one, not two but twelve social networks. It’s also got character length and preferred video formats for all socials that support video.

It’s your ultimate social media help sheet – download it, save it and use it when you next find yourself wondering how big that header photo needs to be.

Your Ultimate Social Media Help Sheet:


This awesome infographic originally appeared on MarketingProfs.

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