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You can now use Zapier in combo with Ungapped

Which means you have more than 750 apps at the power of your fingertips. Yes, you read that right. 750 apps! If you’re an Ungapped user then you’ve probably already…

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Ungapped Newsletters

Newsletters are the new source of News

With the a concerning amount of fake news spreading across our social media platforms, there is a growing trend searching for other avenues to find news which is relevant and…

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Black Friday Shopping

Our Top 5 picks for Black Friday Emails

Black Friday is all about sales, promotions and giving your customer a great deal along with an exceptional customer experience. It’s also traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year…

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Top 5 Questions to ask in a Customer survey

“Surveys can be the most dangerous research tool. If you write bad survey questions you get bad data at scale with no chance of recovery.” – Erika Hall When it…

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world emoji day

Celebrating World Emoji Day

July 17 is World Emoji Day. You may be asking why this day, and why celebrate Emoji’s? For that I can only answer the first part of the question, the rest…

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Clean your email list

Four Ways to Keep Your Email Lists Healthy

Let’s face it no matter how great you are at building your email lists, over time there will always be a percentage of emails that can cause you some issues…

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Make your Image work for you

Let Your Images Work for You

Images are all around us, in emails, social media, on billboards, webpages, books, everywhere. They bring out an emotion within each of us, and each of these feels these differently.…

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Expectations of Email Marketing and Summer Engagement

Achieving any kind of successful email marketing and summer engagement is difficult. But it’s made even tougher during the summer when most of the population in Sweden, Denmark and Norway take…

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[VIDEO] How to keep email subscribers engaged over summer

How can we as marketers, from small business or large enterprise, expect any kind of engagement when nobody is at the office over the summer? Well, it can be more difficult…

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how to measure the success of an email

How to measure the success of an email

I don’t know about you but whenever I send a mailing to our current and potential customers, I get this mad rush of adrenaline. No? Just me? Ok so maybe…

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[PODCAST] Why doesn’t my email subject line work?

If you’ve ever been puzzled as to why one email subject line works over another then this 20 minute podcast is for you. In this podcast, the LiveIntent hosts are…

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10 common phrases in viral headlines

10 common phrases in viral headlines

Ever wondered what is the secret sauce that makes some content go viral while other content is simply left behind to be forever lost on page 4 of Google? You’re not…

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best subject lines for mother's day

The best subject lines for Mother’s Day

If you’re planning on running a special email campaign for Mother’s Day then you’ll want to pair it with a killer subject line! Lucky for marketers, a fantastic report came out…

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24% of people think marketing emails are never useful

Marketers, we can do better than that can’t we? Towards the end of 2016 a report was released that revealed what consumers really thought of marketing emails in their inbox.…

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5 easy survey mistakes that are probably hurting your response rate

Creating a survey is an excellent way for you to collect data about your customers. However you might be making some easy survey mistakes that can hurt your overall response rate. Great…

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Email deliverability and Gmail’s infamous tabs

When you work with email deliverability of your campaigns, one of the things that probably cause you to pull your hair out on a regular basis is Gmail’s infamous inbox…

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