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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign Checklist [Download]

The biggest sales period of the year is approaching, are you prepared and ready? Knowing how great you are, we believe you have pretty much planned out your Black Friday & Cyber Monday email campaigns. If you haven’t then now is a great time to start, better late than never right? To help you delivery…

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Top 5 Questions to ask in a Customer survey

“Surveys can be the most dangerous research tool. If you write bad survey questions you get bad data at scale with no chance of recovery.” – Erika Hall When it comes to asking questions to your customers you may want to ask them a lot of questions. They won’t complain of course they just won’t…

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The Basics of Agile Marketing

So you want to be more agile? It sounds good right, there are a lot of statistics which say that going agile will increase your productivity and output from your marketing team.  Being agile is more than just launching a campaign and then tweaking it along the way (this for some may feel like being…

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Why you shouldn’t use Multiple ESPs (Email Service Providers)

It may seem like a great idea to use multiple email service providers all together such as Ungapped, MailChimp & SendGrid for various business activities.  You may even feel that it is improving your business processes or it poses no issues at all. In the short term if you are testing out various systems it…

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Make your Image work for you

Let Your Images Work for You

Images are all around us, in emails, social media, on billboards, webpages, books, everywhere. They bring out an emotion within each of us, and each of these feels these differently. When it comes to email marketing, images can be very powerful when used right, and can reduce your engagement when not, so how can you…

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Marketing Lifeguard

3 Email Marketing Traps to Avoid

Email marketing is not rocket science, but like anything, you may stumble into a few traps. This increases drastically, especially when you have last minute deadlines or too many things on your plate, a few basic checks can be forgotten which could hurt your brand and email campaigns more than you realise. Here are three easy tips on…

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What to do when you’re stumped for newsletter ideas

Have you come back to the office after vacation only to find yourself totally and utterly stumped for newsletter ideas? Or maybe you’ve been working all summer but still suffering from the same thing: total and utter content block. I feel your pain. Sometimes it feels like my brain has been sucked dry of all…

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Email deliverability and Gmail’s infamous tabs

When you work with email deliverability of your campaigns, one of the things that probably cause you to pull your hair out on a regular basis is Gmail’s infamous inbox tabs. Ever since their inception a few years ago, tabs have brought sever frustration to marketers, ESPs, and email deliverability experts the world over. With…

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18 Valentine’s Day emails that will make you fall in love all over again

While some of us are diehard romantics and others not so much, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Regardless of your stance of such a day dedicated to love, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spread some love to your customers with fun and novel email campaigns.   Experienced cupid? If Valentine’s Day is part of your…

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52% of marketers rank email in most effective digital channels

If I asked you to rattle off all the marketing channels you could think of we’d probably be here a while. But would your answer be as long if I asked you what are the most effective digital channels? Lucky for both of us, we don’t need to ponder too long. In a recent study…

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Help! How can I boost survey completion rates?

A couple of weeks ago at our breakfast seminar here at Ungapped HQ, we had a special guest come and chat to users about what it is that makes a survey great. Over the course of 45 minutes Mårten Westberg, Head of Research at the European Institute of Behavioral Analysis, gave us a walk-through of…

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The impact of bad customer experience on your business

It’s cornerstone knowledge that good customer service is crucial in keeping a business alive and well. But apart from lost customers, what other impact does a bad customer experience have on your business? This study confirms some common knowledge about customer service but also ties bad customer experience to wider company goals. The study is summarized…

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How to write headings and subject lines that are seriously compelling

With more and more pressure on marketers to scale their content efforts, those responsible for creating the copy need to be able to write headings and subject lines that are seriously compelling. But it’s not always easy creating copy that encourages people to either open a mailing or continue to scroll past the initial headline. So how…

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If you’re a business owner, listen to this podcast

Heads up, this podcast is in Swedish.  One of the things I love most about my job is seeing our customers grow. Quite a few companies start using us when they are quite small but by using our tools along with other tactics, their businesses are taken to newer and greater heights. That’s a really amazing feeling!…

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How to plan email campaigns for the rest of 2016

Did you know that it’s less than 100 days to Christmas? Yep, that’s right. I can almost hear the jingle bells as I’m writing. Now Christmas jokes aside, this time of year means that it’s time to plan email campaigns for the remainder of the year. Deny it all you want but Christmas is coming. GIF via GIPHY…

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