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Why you shouldn’t use Multiple ESPs (Email Service Providers)

It may seem like a great idea to use multiple email service providers all together such as Ungapped, MailChimp & SendGrid for various business activities.  You may even feel that it is improving your business processes or it poses no issues at all. In the short term if you are testing out various systems it…

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2017 prediction: The top 10 e-commerce shopping days

Mark these in your calendars and planners right now. After a hectic shopping period over the last few months, new data is out showing just how much consumers spent over the holiday season. Up 12% compared to the previous year, desktop holiday sales surpassed a whopping 63 billion dollars (USD). But not all holidays are created equal.…

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Email marketing named most effective (and easiest) lead gen tactic

With new methods for lead generation popping up left, right and center it’s no surprise that marketers are constantly trying to stay atop of methods that best meet their business needs whilst also remaining resource effective. But no matter how many new channels, tools or gadgets are thrown their way, it seems that email marketing prevails…

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how to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

How to create call-to-actions that are irresistible

This week we have founder and CEO of Hiver, Niraj Ranjan as our guest blogger. Having worked exclusively with Gmail for over 5 years, Niraj shares with us his knowledge of what makes an irresistible call-to-action and how you can start creating them for your own mailing campaigns.  A powerful call-to-action can tempt even some of…

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Photos from email evolution conference 2016

Photos from Email Evolution Conference 2016

Here’s our recap of what went down at Email Evolution Conference 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Got pictures to add? Send them to us!   Up, up and away..   After a “short” delay, we arrived at EEC16   Arguably the most memorable keynote we’ve seen  Sophia met a monk   And New Orleans gave…

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grow your brand with download forms

Grow your brand with download forms

Growing a brand is hard. It takes a totally coordinated effort across all business activities to really grow your brand successfully. Just one important aspect of growing a brand is using surveys to get to know customers better so that you can make certain aspects of your business better. But what most people don’t know…

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global dam announces results of study

[INFOGRAPHIC] Data driven marketing increasingly shaping business strategies

Earlier in the year, Global DMA launched a benchmark study into global marketing trends and investments seeking valuable insights from nearly 3000 marketers across 17 countries all over the world. The results are now in. The study reveals that data driven marketing is increasingly shaping business strategies, putting marketing departments at the center of corporate growth. If…

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5 arguments to convince your boss you need a new email marketing platform

5 Arguments to Convince Your Boss You Need a New Email Marketing Platform

If you’re tired of using your current email marketing platform, here’s five arguments to convince your boss that you need a new one, stat.   1. Your mailings aren’t responsive The very first telltale sign that you need to get a new email marketing platform is when your provider doesn’t offer a preview in the dashboard…

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