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[VIDEO] Campaign building: from newsletters to conversion

In this seminar recording we go through some different approaches to campaign building – everything from creating templates right through to measuring conversions. This seminar is designed for Ungapped users and those who are interested in seeing how Ungapped can help take their email marketing to the next level. To watch the video, click through on…

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How to create a calendar download for mailings & surveys

If your business hosts regular events then providing a calendar download for your guests is a must-have element to your signup form, invites, reminder mailings or all of the above. In this post I’ll show you how you can create and add a calendar download for iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar to any of your mailings, surveys or…

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How to create event invites and signup forms

So you want to host an event. But like a lot of marketers, you might be feeling a little bit lost in where to start. How do you create a signup form? What should you include in an invitation? How often should you remind people about your event? Are you going to be able to…

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You can now use Zapier in combo with Ungapped

Which means you have more than 750 apps at the power of your fingertips. Yes, you read that right. 750 apps! If you’re an Ungapped user then you’ve probably already seen that we’re beefing up our integration possibilities. Over the last 12 months, we started the roll out with integrations like Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot. We also…

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Get a complete view of your customer journey in 5 easy steps

The most challenging part of a marketer’s job is grasping customer data in a way that allows them to properly review, synthesize and make meaningful future strategies. In fact, just under half of us marketers leave that job to our CEO instead of leading the charge ourselves. But why? What’s so difficult about it? Whatever you answer, I’ve no…

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Introducing our new unsplash integration

Introducing our new Unsplash integration

We’ve been hard at work building an integration so that all Ungapped users can have easy access to thousands of beautiful, high-res images for their mailings, surveys and signup forms.   What’s Unsplash? Unsplash is a photo-sharing site that uploads 10 new photos every 10 days. Their focus is sourcing pictures for the digital creative; images that…

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12 things to check before sending

12 things to check before you send a newsletter

Before you send a newsletter, take the time to check these 12 things so that you don’t waste time repairing shortcuts later on. It’s worth the 2 min read.   Check that you’ve used a subject line and pre-header I know it sounds like a bit of a rookie mistake but nonetheless it’s important to double check…

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download your free checklist and get started with text message marketing

Getting started with text message marketing [Checklist]

Using text messages is a great way to create a sense of exclusivity, provide top-notch customer service or send sensitive information directly to your customers. If you haven’t started using text messages as part of your marketing or customer experience then guess what? You’re in the right place! We’ve created a checklist to help you…

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Best survey marketing tools: what features to look for?

With the start of a new year, a lot of marketers are taking the chance to review the performance of their current platforms or services and a marketing tool commonly under review is the survey or signup form tool. Now if you’re not happy with your current provider (or perhaps you’re looking to add to your…

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