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Insert a document


When you insert a document into a mailing  or survey you create a link to the document rather than inserting the entire document itself.

  1. Open the mailing or survey that you want to insert a document
  2. Select the image or highlight the text you would like to link to your document
  3. Click Link or the link icon (if highlighting text)
  4. In the pop up box, click the documents tab
  5. Select upload documents
  6. Browse and select a document from your computer to upload
  7. Select insert
  8. This document will be available to use in the future by following steps 1-4 and then selecting the document from the list

PLEASE NOTE! The file name should not contain å, ä or ö or spaces, Only letters a-z, numbers, dash (-), underscore (_) and period (.) can be used in file names.


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