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Tracking of opens and clicks


Under the Advanced-tab in the e-mail’s Settings, you specify which measurement of the e-mail’s openings and clicks you want.

tracking of links and opens

These are the six options available:

  1. Standard tracking – the number of clicks and openings in the email is tracked, and you can see in the email’s statistics WHO (which recipient) has clicked/opened.
  2. UTM tracking – includes Standard tracking (see above) and that parameters are sent with which the analysis tool you have installed on your web receives.
    With this tracking you also measure the effect of the email –> How many visitors to your website did this email generate? How long did these visitors stay on your website? How many pages on your website did they visit?
    A prerequisite is that you have an analysis tool installed on your website, such as Google Analytics or Matomo.

    Read more about UTM tracking here »


  3. UngappedID tracking
  4. UTM tracking and UngappedID tracking – includes UTM tracking (see above) as well as UngappdID tracking (see above).
  5. Anonymous tracking – the number of clicks and openings is tracked, but you cannot see in the email’s statistics WHO it is that has clicked/opened.
  6. No tracking – clicks and openings in the email are not tracked at all.

If you chose UTM tracking:

About 24 hours after the email is sent out, the data is in your statistics tool.

The parameters UG adds to the links in the email are as follows:

  1. utm_medium=email
  2. utm_source=Ungapped
  3. utm_campaign= the subject line of the email or the campaign name you manually gave the email.


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