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Target audience


Using Target audience you can send the same email to different target audiences, but depending on which target group the recipient belongs to, only certain blocks are shown in the email.

My company is located both in New York and San Fransisco, and in both these cities we organize events, but we have customers all over the USA.
Therefore I have three target audiences:

  • New York
  • San Fransisco
  • the rest of the USA. (ie where city is not equal to NY or SF)

Each contact in my mailing list has information about which of these three target groups the contact belongs to.
When I send a mailing regarding this fall’s event I want my NY-customers to see the block “Upcoming events in New York”, I want my SF-customers to see the block “Upcoming events in San Fransisco”, and my target group “the rest of the USA” should see a block containing all upcoming events (no matter where the event is taking place).

This is how you do it:

  • Select the block in the email that should be displayed for a specific target audience
  • Open Advanced in the right hand column
  • Choose Property, Operation and Value
  • Save.
  • (Test by previewing the email and selecting target audience in the upper right.)

NOTE: A block with no target group specified will be displayed to all recipients.

Thus, a prerequisite for target group-adapted blocks to work is that the data about which target group a contact belongs to is uploaded to Ungapped.
You will then use custom fields »

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