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Importing contacts


To send your mailing or text message you must send it to a contact list that contains at least one contact. These contacts are imported from an external file such as an Excel file.

import contacts from excel file

To import a list

  1. Create a new list by clicking Create at the top and select “Create new list”
  2. Give the list a name (and description if you want to)
  3. Click “New import”, then “Upload File” to upload the file from your computer
  4. Match any columns from your file with custom fields
  5. Click “Start import” when ready
  6. When the import is complete, a red notification will show at the top in the black list – click the notification to download a report of the email addresses that weren’t imported (due to duplicates or invalid email format)
  7. If you want to double-check that your contacts were imported, navigate to Contacts and search for your list.

download the report after importing contacts
You can import Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) and csv files.

Importing contacts to an existing contact list

  1. Go to Contacts and open the contact list you want to add contacts to
  2. Click “New import” and proceed as above

If a contact is already in your existing contact list and also in the file you want to import, then the contact will be updated – not added. It is impossible to have duplicates in contact lists (where the email address is unique).

The file structure

The top line (ie, 1A) in your file must contain headings. Top line must not be empty!
It does not matter what order you have your columns in. For example, First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, etc. In total, you can import 10 columns + First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number and Email.

Download an excel file-template »

If you have multiple sheets in your file then only the first sheet will be imported.
If you have duplicates in your file (=duplicated email addresses), only one instance will be imported.

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