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Newsletter archive


The archive is for collecting and displaying all sent emails in a certain subscription.
This means that if you, for example, have three subscriptions (newsletters, invitations, operating information), then there are also three different archives.
NOTE! The subscription must be public, ie visible in “Preference center”, otherwise there will be no archive.

  1. Open the account settings
  2. Go to Account in the left menu
  3. Go to the Subscriptions-tab
  4. Find the right subscription
  5. Check the Show in Preference center-box if it is not already checked
  6. You will now get a link. Click on it to open this subscription’s newsletter archive.
  7. Copy the newsletter archive URL and use it where it suits, for exmaple on your company’s intranet or on your website.

Can I create a newsletter archive for a non-public subscription?
Answer: No.


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