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Send reminder email to inactive contacts


The reminder email will be sent to the email’s inactive contacts, that is the contacts who received the email but who have neither opened or clicked on the email at the time of the reminder email’s sending time.
(Inactive contacts = the email recipients in the gray bar in the email statistics)

  1. Open the email statistics for the previously sent email
  2. Click Create Reminder
  3. If necessary, put a new subject line on the reminder email (or keep the same subject line)
  4. Write a description of the email (this description is for internal use only, the recipient can not see it anywhere)
  5. Enter the date and time when the reminder will be sent
  6. Schedule the reminder email.

The contacts that have open/click in the email before the reminder email is sent will disappear from the recipient segment, and will therefore not receive the reminder email.

Inactive contacts


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