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Copy a previous event


You want to set up an event that is almost the same as a previous event, but with a different day, time and location. Then you can select the previously created event and copy it instead of creating a new one and having to write new event information etc.

  1. Select create new event.
  2. The “New Event” page will open -> select the event you want to copy by clicking on the turquoise name in the list.
    You can search for the event in the search box by typing the name of the event, alternatively filter by tags or filter by draft, published, paused and finished events. (NOTE! Selecting “New Event” will create a blank new event.)
  3. In “Copy event” you select which parts of the event you want to copy.
    Select all or any of the event details, registration form and confirmation email.
  4. Then select “Copy”.
  5. A copy of the event is created and you can now edit event details in the new event.
  6. Publish events by clicking PUBLISH at the top left. The event is now accepting registrations and you can invite to your new event.


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